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Google AdWords Text Ads

4 Tips For Creating Effective Google AdWords Text Ads

Google AdWords Text AdsWriting effective text ads in Google AdWords is the only way that you will be able to see a solid return on investment. You’re landing page might be the best one ever created, but it won’t matter if users aren’t clicking on your ad because they will never ever see it. Here are 4 tips for creating effective Google AdWords text ads.

1: Include Special Offers:

Even if your special offer is only available for a very limited amount of time, create ads for it. You don’t even have to create a new campaign, just create some new ads in a relevant existing ad group based around your special offer. Pause the current ads for the time being, when your special offer is over you can pause your new ads and start running your old ones again. It only takes a few moments.

2: Spell Check All Of Your Ads:

Misspelling ads is one of the fastest ways you can turn off prospective customers. If they see your ad riddled with silly spelling mistakes, they are far more likely to scroll past you and click on your competitors. Giving each ad a once over before you put it live is definitely necessary and it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

3: Use Ad Extensions:

Ad extensions allow you to include anything from your phone number to callouts to your ads. They all your ads to take up more space on the screen which can get them some more attention while detracting from the other results. When ad extensions are utilised correctly they are fantastic at boosting click through rates.

4: Constantly Test New Variations:

To create effective Google AdWords text ads, a set it and forget it approach is one of the worst things you can do. There should never be an ad group that contains only one text ad. There should be at least two variants running at any given time, more if you have large volumes of traffic. Take the copy from ads that work and rework it into new variations, even tiny tweaks can sometimes see huge jumps in CTR.

To create effective Google AdWords text ads that get clicked be sure to include your special offers, go through your ads with a fine tooth comb and fix any errors, use ad extensions to make your ad stand out and constantly test new ad copy variations. Find out how we can help your business thrive on Google AdWords, book your free Google AdWords consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing today.