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7 Free Google Adwords Tools You Should Be Trying

7 Free Google Adwords Tools You Should Be Trying

There are so many PPC tools out there it can really make your head spin. That’s the reason I have compiled this list. Today I will be telling you the 7 Google Adwords tools that you should be trying. They are all useful and even better, they are all free.

1: Free Adwords Performance Grader

This is a free tool from WordStream. It meticulously audits your Adwords account in less than a minute. It can provide you with beneficial insights and feedback that can help you to improve your performance and lower your costs.

2: Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords Planner is a must for anyone who wants to succeed with Adwords. This tool allows you to type in a vague search term, it then returns a vast array of data on possible keywords you could use and their search traffic. I would be surprised if you’re not using it already as it’s so readily available and effective.

3: Adwords Editor

This is the desktop version of Adwords. It’s appearance and usefulness is virtually identical to Google Adwords. However due to it being located on your desktop, it is capable of running several times faster. It’s a must if you have a lot of work to do on an Adwords campaign.

4: Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track statistics on your campaigns to a high degree of detail. It’s incredibly useful for optimising your AdWords campaigns and tracking how effective they are.

5: Google Trends

This Google AdWords tool is especially useful for businesses that are seasonal. It allows you to see what terms are searched for over time. This gives you the ability to adjust what terms you are advertising for by tracking what time of year they are most effective at.

6: Google AdWords App

This tool is great if you have to work on a campaign while you are on the go. It’s now available for Android and iOS. The app allows you adjust keyword bids, enable/disable campaigns, ad groups and ads. For now you don’t have the ability to create new ads or campaigns, but who knows what’s around the corner.

7: Google Analytics App

This app is similar to Google Analytics, however it has far less depth to it. It allows you to quickly check statistics and reports while you are on the move.

These tools are incredibly useful, even critical to a successful AdWords campaign. If you aren’t using them already, 2016 is a great time to start.