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at 3B1
every ad counts

We deliver effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels for growing and established businesses.

Who We Are

With 15 years of experience as a successful digital marketing agency. We saw the opportunity to combine the principles of performance marketing with the power of creativity and 3B1 was born. We are a unique, independent agency that uses traditional and digital marketing to grow our clients businesses.


Your Success Determines Ours

When you’re an agency in a second city with dreams as big as ours, you know that every search ad, scroll, pre roll, leaderboard and billboard matters. Every brief is an opportunity for us to demonstrate why we are one of Ireland’s leading agencies. Every campaign is a chance to create a unique marketing moment. Every ad counts.

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Thinkers And Doers

Effective marketing comes from the combination of two types of people. Those that are constantly seeking new ideas that can catch people’s eyes and warm their hearts. And those that are experts at getting these messages in front of the right people at the right time. Our team has thinkers, doers and the odd few that are a bit of both.


Mark Flavin

Director of Performance Marketing

Christian Donovan

Creative Director

Max von Mensenkampff

matt michalak
Lead web & graphic designer

Matt Michalak

Senior Creative

Megan ahern

unnamed (5)
Account Manager

Ryan murphy

Front-end web developer

Manjeet Gautam

emilly web
Junior Creative

Emily Shannon

Junior Performance Marketer

Cillian McCarthy

So What's Next?

Let's Work Together.
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