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4 Tips On How You Can Use Google Adwords On A Budget

4 Tips On How You Can Use Google Adwords On A Budget

Google Adwords isn’t just for companies who have access to vast amounts of money for advertising. Today I will be giving you 4 tips on how you can use Google Adwords on a budget and still get a nice return on your investment.

1: Search Ads

Any business that has a small advertising budget should stick to showing ads on Google Search Network. Google Search Partner and the Display are also effective ways of generating leads for your business, however they tend to be less qualified than those from an actual Google search.

2: Keywords

When using Adwords on a small budget your keywords are more crucial than ever. Long tail keywords are recommended as they ensure that you are getting highly qualified clicks. In other words the more specific keywords that are used, the more likely your ad will be relevant to the searcher. For example a Chinese restaurant on North Main Street in Cork should include keywords such as “Chinese restaurant near North Main Street” not just “Chinese Cork”. The use of negative keywords is also advised as it ensures your ads don’t show up where they are irrelevant. Sticking with the example above a negative keyword idea would be terms such as “Chinese Lanterns”.

3: Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting allows you to choose the geographic location of where your ads can be shown. You can set it up so that it targets specific areas. You can target people within a certain radius of your business or you can pick specific places where you believe potential customers to be.

4: Ad Scheduling

When using Google Adwords you have the ability to decide what time of day that your ads are allowed to show. Over time and with tweaking you can eventually find the sweet spot that delivers the most qualified leads for your business.

If used correctly these 4 tips will help get you started on your way to reaping the benefits of Google Adwords on any budget. Split testing and constant tweaks in all of the above areas will lead to the best results and then you can think about increasing your budget.