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Smile Store

Smile Store

Smile Store – Website Design, SEO and Adwords

Smile Store is a dental practice in Cork that specialises in providing top quality dental care and treatments, including dental implants and braces, at very competitive prices (often even saving people money on travelling abroad for treatments).

They had a website, but it didn’t portray Smile Store as the high quality, state of the art practice it is and it was difficult for users to find the information they needed on the different treatments that were available and the pricing. They had some search engine rankings that they wanted to maintain but also wanted to make forward progress and improve their organic rankings for important search terms. Additionally, Smile Store wanted to ensure they were in always towards the top of Google for critical keywords and drive leads and customers with an AdWords campaign.contact us



Build a dazzling website that makes a great first impression on new customers


Ensure information on treatments and their prices is prominent and easily navigable


Add clearly visible social proof from past customers wherever it could help the customer journey


Make it easy for users to book an appointment


Preserve and improve Smile Store’s SEO rankings


Develop a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign that drives leads and bookings at a positive ROI

Our Approach

We designed a modern and polished website that we felt reproduced the core values of the Smile Store brand.

We developed a home page that incorporated some of the most common pain points that Smile Store’s patients come to them with, with each linking to a page that specifically discusses the solution. For example, one of the pain points is “I wear an ill-fitting denture”. That heading links to a page that discusses ill-fitting dentures and offers the solution as being dental implants.

We created a pricing page that clearly lists all of the different prices for treatments in an easy to follow manner.

As Smile Store already had a good mix of video and written testimonials from past patients, we decided to utilise them across the site. On the home page, we added a video testimonial above the fold. On every page that was created for a pain point or a specific treatment, we added a written testimonial from someone who had a similar issue to the user that was solved by Smile Store.

We added contact forms to almost every page on the website that follows the user down the page as they scroll so it’s easy to get in touch to make a booking.

Based on our meetings with Tamas and our own keyword research, we worked out what search terms were most important for Smile Store were. We then optimised all of their metadata sitewide (while maintaining some of the old metadata that was performing very well)

As Smile Store wanted to consistently improve on their organic rankings, we also put a content generation plan in place and began to write regular posts based on our keyword research to improve their rankings over time.

We created a Google AdWords search campaign that focused on important keywords with driving leads at a positive ROI as our primary focus.

We created problem specific landing pages with plans to constantly split test and optimise them to drive the most amount of leads for the lowest cost per lead.

We developed remarketing campaigns across Google’s display network as well as YouTube to give Smile Store more opportunities to convert potential customers that might have otherwise slipped through the net.




Smile Store has a website that looks the part and reinforces their brand and values


Users can now find out information on any treatments they are looking for or the prices of treatments in seconds


There is social proof in the form of testimonials everywhere a user looks, which helps customers to trust Smile Store


No matter where a user is on the website, there are ways of booking an appointment made very obvious to them


Smile Store’s organic rankings have improved dramatically. They are now frequently #1 for important search terms like “Invisalign Cork”

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Smile Store’s AdWords campaigns have been a monumental success and has driven 1,000’s of leads at a positive ROIMark at 3B1 has been taking care of our PPC demands since 2013. We are a high-volume, demanding private practice with complex, challenging requirements, and we had invested heavily in a website that required billable hours of attention to fix bugs and errors every month. When we retained 3B1, they re-coded the site so it is now robust; safe and almost maintenance-free. We find the 3B1 team nimble; reliable; and extremely professional. Their prompt response times; sense of accountability and ability to partner with clients makes them a joy to work with. They are now in charge of our SEO and currently working on a site redesign for us- were very much looking forward to the release date, as the mock-ups look great. We recommend them without hesitation.

Tamas Kirchknopf

Smile Store