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John Dooley

John Dooley – PGA Golf Professional Website Design

John Dooley is an elite PGA golf professional and an elite golfing coach that also precisely repairs broken clubs.

He already had a website but it wasn’t fit for purpose, it had become old-fashioned, it was awkward for users to navigate and it just didn’t resonate with the high-quality brand that John Dooley PGA is.contact us




Create an appealing, easy to navigate website that would match the quality of the brand


Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with John with any questions


Create an organised blog that would allow users to seamlessly switch between topics


Maintain the SEO rankings of the previous site

Our Approach

After a few conversations and meeting with John, we had a very clear idea of the style of website he wanted. We used this information and designed a home page that reproduced the look and feel he was going for aesthetically while also incorporating the information that users are most interested in clearly. John was happy with the home page design and approved it.

We then designed 3 general content pages for John’s core services, based on the approved home page design. After some back and forth and changing some small details, those designs were also approved and we began coding the site.

To make it easy for potential customers to get in contact with John, we added the usual contact forms with the fields he requested. We then added extra functionality for a live chat feature.

We developed a blog page with 3 main sections; golf commentary, golf repairs and golf swing tips.

We conducted keyword research and used it to determine whether the best course of action would be to carry across the metadata from the old site or to completely optimise it based on our findings. We decided a mix of both would work best in this instance.




A modern and functional website that not only looks fantastic but is also extremely easy to navigate


A live chat feature that allows potential customers to get an answer to their questions in seconds


Once on the blog page, if a user is only interested in improving their golf swing, all they have to do is click golf swing tips and the other posts disappear without the page having the reload


Johndooleypga.ie has not only maintained its organic rankings but significantly improved upon them in some key areas of the business. For example, they are ranked #1 on Google for the term “Golf Lessons Cork”100% great company to work with. I have worked with Mark on building 4 websites to date, re-coding, problem-solving and a number of AdWords campaigns. 3B1 are simply easy to deal with and they have the knowledge to complete tasks correctly. 5 star is not easily given out and 3B1’s service is worth it.

John Dooley

John Dooley PGA