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Elite Pilates

Elite Pilates – Website Design and Adwords

Elite Pilates have 3 locations around Cork and were Cork’s first dedicated Reformer Pilates studio.

They had a fully functional website with strong SEO rankings for keywords that were important to their business, but the website had been in place for a number of years and they wanted to upgrade it to make it better suit how their brand had evolved over those years. They also wanted us to develop and manage a Google AdWords campaign that would drive new customer signups and downloads of their app.contact us




Create a website that reflected the Elite Pilates brand of today


Make it effortless for users to find information on different classes


Build engaging Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns based on regular posts that we will create to drive lead generation


Make sure links to the app were clearly visible and it was easy to download from Google Play and the App Store


Integrate the website with MindBody so the class timetables for the 3 separate studios on the site would automatically update


Utilise existing video reviews on the site to increase user’s trust in Elite Pilates


Create a comprehensive FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions


Hold onto Elite Pilates’ strong SEO rankings and improve them if possible


Create and manage a Google AdWords campaign that drives class purchases at a positive ROI

Our Approach

Following our meetings with Sian, we designed a new site that followed the updated brand guidelines and reproduced the evolution the brand has gone through over the last number of years.

During our design phase we developed an easy to follow menu and page layout structure that would make it clear to potential customers where they should go if they wanted more information, to book a class or to purchase a class pass.

We added the Google Play and App Store logos to the footer of every page so that if someone wanted to download the app from the site, it was easy to do so.

We integrated MindBody into the website to show live versions of the timetable for each individual studio as well as making it possible to book a class or purchase a class pack in just a few clicks

We included a number of video testimonials on the home page and we also designed a separate testimonial page that seamlessly blends video and written testimonials together.

With guidance from the team at Elite Pilates we implemented a comprehensive FAQ page of the questions that they are asked the most often. It’s visible and easy for new users to spot in the top navigation menu. We also added smaller FAQ’s to the bottom of individual class pages which include the questions that are most commonly asked about that specific class type.

We carried across a large amount of the metadata from the previous website and carried out more keyword research and edited it where appropriate in an attempt to hold and improve upon their strong SEO rankings.

We developed an AdWords campaign which included search, display and YouTube advertising along with full utilisation of Google’s ad extensions including their mobile app extension on ads to increase app downloads



Elite Pilates’ website is up to date and its branding/design matches their offline marketing efforts


The site has a clear layout that makes finding information, booking class and purchasing class packs a breeze


Users can download the Elite Pilates app on every page of the website, and through ads on Google which have substantially increased app downloads


All Elite Pilates locations have their individual timetables integrated into the site in an easy to follow manner


Potential customers get constant social proof in the form of video and written testimonials across the site


Users can have common questions answered in the comprehensive FAQ section and on the individual class pages


Elite Pilates has not only held onto but improved their SEO rankings, they are now ranked #1 for important search terms like “Pilates Cork”

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We continue to manage their Google AdWords campaign which has generated countless customers at a positive ROIhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/sPRZrOsVmdA?enablejsapi=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2F3b1.ie

Sian Horn

Elite Pilates