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Google Ad Optimisations: Reviewing the Opteo PPC Tool

There is a huge range of Google Ad tools out there that can help you gain insights, improve the efficiency and performance of your Ad campaigns. These tools provide you with a great way to manage parts of your campaigns in an easy and efficient manner with data driven insights.

If you are looking for a PPC tool to help you manage your campaigns we would recommend Opteo. Opteo proposes improvements based on your conversion data and performance targets. With Opteo you can monitor and diagnose performance issues accurately. In real time. In this article we’ll go through the key features as well as the pros and cons to the PPC tool so that you can assess if it’s the right PPC tool solution for your company.

Key Features:

  • In-depth analysis tools
  • Performance & Issue Diagnostics
  • Optimisation tools for keyword bids
  • Ad testing tools
  • Landing page error detection
  • 1 click optimisations
  • Real-time alerts

When you log into Opteo you are met initially with your account page as per below – this is great for agencies who manage several accounts but also larger companies that may have several accounts.

Once you click into the relevant account you are instantly given the list of recommended improvements for that account. From there it is a simple process that you are guided through by Opteo to enhance your campaign. The price point of Opteo also makes it accessible to most businesses or agencies that run Google Ad campaigns.

Opteo Focuses on 3 Main Areas titled:

  • Improvements
  • Performance
  • Manage

The interface is very well built and very intuitive. It allows you to seamlessly move between features and also move between accounts. For an agency, this is very handy. We could tell lots of thought had been put into making it easy to use.


This section of the tool is very thorough. It contains optimisations and recommendations. They are clearly laid out and you are usually just 2-3 clicks away from implementing the recommendation, deferring it for a time period or dismissing it. Opteo backs up every recommendation with clear improvement statistics to help you make your decision about implementing a change. It is fantastic as it is very difficult to argue with the facts in front of you.

The improvements come in many forms, from writing a new ad to see if will perform better to increasing a keyword bid, adjusting location bids etc. But Opteo gives you full control over the adjustments you are making. For example if you are bidding too low for a keyword it might recommend you increase your bid for that keyword from €1 to €1.30. This can be manually changed to any increase you feel is fit. It is very easy to strike a balance with this tool between human judgement and Opteo recommendations.


This is where all the analysis is done. It provides you with handy graphs and reports which can help you identify how your campaign is going and is aesthetically well presented (ideal for sharing with clients). It will allow you to look at your data in different ways including graphs, scorecards, segments and tables.

The performance section also gives additional insights into possible further issues in the account. However, the tool does not provide direct action from the performance tab which is unfortunate. But it is still great to have a list and be able to rectify any additional issues directly in Google Ads.


Opteo also has campaign monitoring features which is a good addition to the service. This is more of a nice to have feature as it is likely something most Google Ad users would be more comfortable and familiar with using directly from their Google Ad account.

Our Rating

Number of features: 3 out of 5 stars

Time Savings: 5 out of 5 stars

Keyword Research: 2 out of 5 stars

Recommendations Given: 5 out of 5 stars

Cost / Benefit Ratio: 4 out of 5 stars


  • Fantastic User Interface
  • Strong 1 click optimisation suggestions
  • A cost effective tool


  • Missing some useful features eg. Quality Score Tracking
  • No support for Google Shopping or Display and also no support for Bing.


If you are looking for expert guidance on Google Ad campaign management get in contact with us today by clicking here and see how we can help you maximise your return on investment.