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7 Tips To Ensure More Engagement On Social Media

7 Tips To Ensure More Engagement On Social MediaSocial media is important for every brand, it is a catalyst for brand awareness, growth and sales. If utilized properly and strategically it can have powerful impacts and results for your brand.Promoting your brand through different social media channels is vital to the success of your brand. The key however to becoming a successful social media user is not the content but in fact the engagement and value your content and posts creates to the consumer. For marketers across social media, constantly adjusting your strategy to stay in touch with the followers of your brand is what will reap the rewards. The following 7 tips will ensure you get more engagement on your posts and with your brand;-

1. Use As Much Visuals As Possible

Showing is always better than telling and the statistics tell the truth. Studies have shown that people can recall 65% of the visual content seen almost three days later, whereas 10% of the written content could be recalled after its readPeople love seeing images because they are more attractive to the eye than words and they take substantially less time to consume. Using visuals can allow your brand to as creative as you want to be. The key is to use as much visual content as you can and make that content is high quality and attractive.

2. Posting at the optimal time

A key component of great engagement is posting content when you are most likely to get the best response. How does one know this? Simply by the use of social media analytical tools. Across all social media platforms, there are software tools that will tell you some important details and data that will allow you to get the most out of your posts. These software tools can tell you things like what types of posts got the most engagement, what times of the day are the best to post and many more features.

3. Be Valuable

Value creation is the fundamental core component of all successful business. Always ask yourself before you post content on social media how am I creating value to the consumer so they interact with my content whether that is a click, like, share or glance through it. The aim is to create value so that readers and social media users will engage with your brand consistently. People care about people, people don’t care about brands so remember this when you are putting out content, always make sure that the content is beneficial to the people in some way when they see it.

4. Interact With Your Followers And The Online Community

Interaction on different social media platforms gives you an easy way to directly engage and interact with consumers and compatible people. When you interact and take the time to notice others online they are more likely to look at you, remember you and come back to interact with your content. Going and interacting with other people, brands and conversations related to what you do or have interest in regularly will lead to an increase in engagement of your brand. Not only will this help your brand get noticed by people but it can also increase your following and thus engagement on your future posts. You can learn a lot about different people by joining conversations, interacting with other users and brands that can help you become a more successful brand.

5. Use Hashtags

Without engagement posts and social media pages are basically ghost towns. By using hashtags you increase your chance of engagement with your brand. Hashtags make your content discoverable and put them in front of right people. By using a hashtag on a public social media account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag can see your post. Using hashtags that have relevance to what you do or your interests will allow your content to show for others with like interests. You should use the search tool on social media and search different relevant hashtags and start engaging with those posts to further increase your engagement. Posts with hashtags resulted in a 70.14% increase in likes compared to those without hashtags so it is a tactic worth applying to your posts to get your engagement numbers up.

6. Post Content Frequently

People say that ‘content is king’ well if that is the case then the frequency is queen. If you have a social media account that looks bleak and almost abandoned, it will only hinder your brand, labelling it as one that is uncommitted to reaching out to its audience. It is all about brand awareness and the perception of your brand. Show people that your brand is active and interested in its followers. Frequent updates keep your audience informed and in the loop to what is happening. If people are following your brand then they are more than likely interested in hearing from you. You can’t use social media as a vital component of your marketing strategy, only to misuse it. It is the best tool to remain connected to your audience, so use it effectively and frequently. However make sure you don’t post too much, your brand needs to strike a balance between informative and annoying. Google’s algorithms favour sites which are updated frequently and the same goes for social media pages. Post consistently and relatively and you will have a great chance of your brand making its way up the search rankings. A more favourable position in the rankings will result in increased traffic and more eyes on your brand giving you more exposure and engagement.

7. Run Competitions And Giveaways

Brands use competitions and giveaways to promote their brand and you should too. They have many benefits when done well and effectively. Competitions and giveaways are a great way to give a brand a boost in terms of awareness and really engaging with their current and new audiences. They help to increase comments, shares, retweets, likes, pins driving your engagement skyrocketing. People might not know about a brand until they have heard about it or seen the brand being shared and interacted with by their family, friends and social followers. A contest and giveaway are also a great way for new users to follow your social media accounts. It gives them a strong reason to do so because there is an incentive to win a prize or value from what you are offering. They help you build a strong following.

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