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2 Important Ways To Advertise On Social Media

Social media advertising is online marketing that focuses on the use of social networking sites. Social networks are now a pivotal part of every company’s marketing strategy. The benefits of using these networks to showcase products and services are so effective, businesses not using social media platforms to advertise are missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity. Social media is extremely cost effective therefore it is perfect for both big and small size businesses. Social media marketing is clearly a key part of marketing success however, some marketers are unsure of which tactics to use and if they are effective. Here are 2 important ways to advertise on social media.

2 Important Ways To Advertise On Social Media

1: Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for businesses with more than one billion users. The targeting options through Facebook advertising are more precise than other forms. It allows you to advertise to users specifically by targeting things like gender, age, interests, location and many more, therefore, giving you the ability to reach your exact target audience. Facebook advertising drives results immediately because it is fast, you can reach thousands/ millions of people in real time. Facebook advertising will build brand awareness significantly for your company. It is a great platform and advertising structure to make people aware of your brand and what you offer. This will more likely lead to people purchasing your products. There is no guessing with advertising on Facebook as all results are measurable. Numbers speak for themselves and this social media platform shows you detailed data and information relating to your ads for example how many clicks, impressions, likes, comments and conversions you are receiving as well as many more interesting details. It also allows your business to use a marketing tactic called remarketing which allows you to target your ads to people who have recently visited your website. If someone visits your website and does not purchase a product from you or contact you then you can re-engage them with Facebook ads. This can dramatically boost your conversions and increase your profit.

2: Youtube

YouTube is the place where the world goes to watch videos. Like Facebook, Youtube has more than one billion users which are nearly a third of everyone on the internet. More people are watching more video than ever, almost five billion videos are watched on the platform daily with these numbers expecting to continue increasing year on year. This provides a great opportunity for brands to reach customers with their message, millions of people can be targeted with your content with the potential of becoming prospective customers. YouTube is a great opportunity to reach people in the moments that matter like when they’re looking for answers to their questions, checking in on their favourite content creators or exploring their interests and passions through video for entertainment purposes. There are many targeting options available to use with youtube advertising:-

  • Topics
  • Demographics
  • Keywords (specific keywords)
  • Placements (specific YouTube pages)
  • Category (user interest)

You can also exclude some of the targeting options above if you don’t want association with certain videos etc. A large budget is not needed to effectively advertise on this platform. Youtube uses the Google AdWords flexible pay-per-view system which allows you to set a specific budget of your choosing and even determine the maximum price you want to pay per view. What makes Youtube unmatchable is the combination of video access, sharing and its community which creates a great environment for audience engagement and ultimately business growth. When someone feels your video to be informative or entertaining or both, they have the option and more than likely will share it with others expanding the reach of your video. By using a creative video ad you can connect with your target audience to influence them to choose your business.

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