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3 C’s Of Marketing On Instagram

With the rising popularity of Instagram and its expansion of advertising opportunities (Instagram stories, Instagram shopping, tagging etc), Instagram is becoming a great place to market your brand. Through effective marketing on Instagram, you can build and grow your brand to bigger and better things, reach desired groups of people and achieve better results. The success for brands on Instagram takes more than posting attractive images, it requires a thoughtful strategy, the production of valuable content and an effective management of the online community which will ultimately lead to the success of a brand on this social platform. To help you market more effectively on Instagram we are going to give you an insight into the 3 C’s of marketing on Instagram.

3 C’s Of Marketing On Instagram

1: Context

Context marketing is producing the right content for the right people at the right time. When you have context around your marketing, you have a more telling picture of your content. The context of words in a post is as important as the words themselves. Without context in your posts,the meaning is lost for your audience, they will ultimately get confused about why you’re communicating with them and what your content has to do with them. By communicating a specific message to an audience, they value your content more and this can ultimately increase your brands’ sales by attracting a better click-through rate.

2: Content

High quality content is very important in all marketing activities on many different platforms. On Instagram that is no different. Never ever compromise with your content quality, high-quality content can boost your brands’ products and services nationally and even globally. The possibilities of content on Instagram are endless. By experimenting with and understanding what types of written and visual content attracts positive attention and results on your Instagram account, you’ll be better positioned to create great content that resonates with your audience. Remember the better your content, the more interest towards your products and services is generated. The community and context in which your content is presented in determines the quality of your content. Consistent, quality content is a great way to collect and inspire more engagement and leads.

3: Community

Instagram embody communities of people with different interests. Building a strong presence on Instagram is important for your brand. Engagement is a metric that is used to measure success on Instagram. For example, you might have 2000 impressions on a post but only fifteen likes and two comments on it, then you have to look at why are your engagement figures so poor. Is it the quality of your content? is this the right target audience? Do I need to build a more relevant audience? There are a couple of ways to go about building the right audience and engaging with the community who has a relevance to what your brand does or offers;-

– Use hashtags! Hashtags help put your brand out there, they bring in more profile visitors and more engagement all of which is highly targeted and relevant to your brand. To find hashtags related to your brand, type out a main hashtag in the search box and Instagram will auto-suggest the most relevant ones. For example, if you are into marketing, type in #digitalmarketing in the search box, and you’ll see top results for digital marketing and much more.

– Find relevant hashtags and engage! In the same example of #digitalmarketing, you’d find thousands of posts that are uploaded every second, find the most recent posts and engage with them by commenting or liking them. This will expose your brand to people with similar interests and of relevance to your brand.

– Interact with your current followers! The most engaged audience you have are the people currently following your brand. You can do things like featuring some of the top and most engaged followers, post stories of followers featuring or mentioning your brand or simply replying back to their comments. Investing time and effort to engage with the right community can deliver positive results for your brand.

Marketing on Instagram is cost effective and gives you access to huge numbers of people. Using Instagram is a great way to build your brand significantly. By understanding and implementing the 3 C’s outlined above, you will market more effectively. To see how we can grow your brand on Instagram, visit us online today and book a consultation with us.