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3 Ways To Use IGTV To Promote Your Brand

If you thought your Instagram social video strategy couldn’t get any better, think again. Instagram recently rolled out a platform called IGTV, which is an entertainment hub for long-form video content. Instagram TV is a new opportunity that allows brands to share original user-generated content. The app allows you to create your own channel and start posting videos to large audiences of people. This is Instagram’s way of bringing brands closer to audiences and allowing people to discover them. With IGTV you have the ability to create videos up to ten minutes long (or an hour for accounts with a high following). It’s perfect for promoting your brand. Here are 3 ways to use IGTV to promote your brand.

1: Create a Video Series

Creating a video series as a means of brand promotion is certainly worthwhile. You should have a clear indication of what you want your ideal customers to do or feel after consuming your video series content, however, deciding what to do it on is a tough decision. The opportunities are endless so get creative. For example, if your brand has a podcast, think about creating a studio series of filmed episodes or even give people a behind the scenes look. You could do a video tutorial series of using your brand’s best, newest and most exciting products or you could use interviews to share different messages as another means. A video series that successfully provides value to followers is what will determine its success. The great thing about social media is the ability to share content that you like or that is a representation of you and your personality. A video series on IGTV is a great way to encourage engagement on your brands content.

2: Content Revamp

You don’t have to create everything yourself when putting out content to promote your brand. Revamping old content and your old posts is a great way to gain traction toward your company. If you happen to have a blog already, you should look at turning some of your content into video format featuring some of your best work. Create a show or blog whereby you put out regular videos for your brand in which you highlight some of your past content. Quality topics and conversations will have your audience coming back for more. This will require a little editing and creativity to make it attractive & interesting. Revamping existing content for IGTV will allow you to be a great resource for your followers. Taking it and resharing it on IGTV will keep some of your best content alive longer.  

3: IGTV Exclusives

When trying to promote your brand you can use IGTV as an avenue for putting out some exclusive brand content. By creating content that is exclusively shared on this platform you can build a more dedicated audience. It will give people an extra reason to follow you. The key is to put out content that becomes in demand and people want to see, not only will people gain a connection to your brand but you will also play on peoples FOMO. People don’t like to be left on the outside should anything exciting, cool or interesting happen. When choosing a method of exclusivity, you first need to figure out your ultimate goal. Are you looking to drive sales? Are you looking to keep followers entertained? Are you trying to get more people to follow your brand? Once you know what you want to happen by marketing exclusive content, you will get a better indication of what type of content to put out on IGTV.

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