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4 Ways To Build A Large Social Media Following

Millions of people are using different social media platforms daily. Social media strategies capture the imagination and participation of users worldwide. When used with a strategic approach it is the most impactful form of marketing you or your business can partake in. Connecting with people who are interested in what you do or what products/services you offer are important as it will lead to more engagement, help increase your following and may even result in sales or a work-related project.

Whether you are a big company, a little company, or an individual a good social media presence is huge and being active on multiple social media platforms is even more important. All these different platforms give you a chance to put out your content, show people what you know and indicate what you have to offer.

Whether you are building a personal following or building a following for your brand, all the great things in life require hard work and like those things so does building a big social media following. The key is working out the best times and places to put that hard work into so you can hit the right people and get positive results. Social media demands a huge investment of time. Here are 4 key ways to grow your social media following for your personal or business brand.

1. Network With Influencers.

4 Ways To Build A Large Social Media Following

One of the most effective ways to gain a massive social media following is by connecting with influencers you follow, admire, are associated with what you do or can help increase the awareness of your products. By your brand associating with them, commenting on their posts, sharing their tweets, and engaging with them in conversation online etc, you will get more views and traffic on your profile. To get positive results and build your brand you need to network with the right people online. Pick a few influencers you think would be good for what you are trying to achieve and engage with them. By doing this you and your profile will be put on the radar of the influencer and their followers who many may be your target audience. This extra visibility can land you a bigger following or even propel you into the path of becoming a famous influencer or large company growth.

2. Put Out Consistent Content.

Consistency is hugely important when you are putting out content online. If you are not consistent you are not believable and if people don’t believe you are genuine then they won’t associate with you online. To achieve and grow to a massive following you need to practice, analyse and tweak your content every day to put out the best content you can possibly put out. You need to post consistently on all of the social media networks where compatible people and target consumers are active and available to be hit with your content. Whatever social platforms you choose to be active on, make sure you are consistently posting good quality content and make sure what you are posting about is tailored to suit the platform you are posting on e.g image oriented on Instagram, professional on Linkedin. When your following starts growing and people become interested in you or your brand then they want to see great content every day.

3. Use Software Tools.

People with large social media followings in the hundreds of thousands and millions didn’t gain that number simply by spending hours every day on different platforms hoping for the best they did it by using software tools and analytics to provide them with data to get the most out of their content and posts. Researching the different social media software tools and choosing one that is good and you like is essential. Analytics and software tools like Facebook analytics are huge for your brand as it allows you to get statistics and data results about your different social media accounts. Some of the things you can find out are things like when you should be posting, which posts get the most engagement, when is the best time of the day to be posting.

This information will give you a great insight into what your different audiences like to engage with the most and when they are most like to see your content. Measuring this data over time and continuously adapting your approach will ultimately give you the best chance at growing your following. The more people engage with your content, the more it will appear on the newsfeed expanding your reach and impressions.

4. Invest In Paid Social Media Advertising

Large amounts of organic views in social media are difficult to achieve and can only get you a certain amount of exposure to your content. Social media advertising is cost-effective giving you huge access to new and targeted audiences to engage with your content. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to advertise on as Facebook has over 1 billion users and Instagram has over 800 million users and growing exponentially. The targeting features you can avail of through Facebook and Instagram are remarkable. Facebook & Instagram bring the best targeting capabilities of all social media platforms when it comes to social advertising. Facebook’s advertising goes beyond targeting the common things like gender, age, and job titles. You can target internationally to a smaller, local region or even within a certain radius of where you or your business is located. You can get really specific using their detailed targeting meaning targeting people based on their life events, finances, political views, purchasing behaviours like whether they have made a purchase via a Facebook ad in the last 30 days and many more cool features that can grow your following.

If you would like to learn more about growing your social media following or creating a better online presence for your brand then call 3B1 on 021-234-8038 or visit us online.