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3 Ways Brands Can Emotionally Connect With Customers

3 Ways Cork Brands Can Emotionally Connect With Customers

3 Ways Cork Brands Can Emotionally Connect With CustomersIt can be difficult to prove to customers that your company is more trustworthy than the next, but it’s worth the effort. Emotionally engaged customers are usually more loyal, more satisfied with your products, more willing to go ahead with future purchases and have a much higher lifetime value. If Cork businesses can manage to tap into their customers emotional needs and fulfil them, they will see significant growth in sales and customer retention. Here are 3 ways Cork brands can emotionally connect with customers.

1: Speak Directly To Your Customer

You have likely heard about developing and maintaining a voice for your brand. Use personal language and your customer personas to develop campaigns that speak directly to your ideal customer. The next time you are creating a social media post, blog or AdWords campaign, word it as if you are sitting across from your customer and talking directly to them.

2: Tell A Story

Telling stories through blogs or videos is a fantastic way for Cork businesses to make that emotional connection with their customers. This is an opportunity to tell your customer base more about your products and more about the people behind them. For example if you or one of your employees was to run the Cork city marathon in aid of a charity, you could do a story on the reasons you chose this charity, how the charity helps people or even a story about the training itself.

3: Allow Previous Customers To Be Your Brand Hero

When speaking to your audience, it helps if the words are coming from your previous happy customers. This is why written testimonials have always been such an important factor for conversions. But it shouldn’t end at written testimonials. Let your customers sell your products by asking them to take part in a video to describe how you have made their life easier or helped them in a difficult situation.

An emotionally invested customer is one that you can rely on. Remember to speak directly to your audience using personal language, tell the story of your business and the people involved in it and allow your previous customers do the selling for you with videos.