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3 Tips To Get Started With Gmail Ads

With Google recently opening up Gmail to all advertisers there are some great opportunities that can be taken advantage of. Now we have the ability to directly send promotions to potential customers Gmail accounts. Gmail ads appear within the promotions tab of your account, they target users based on the activity of their personal email accounts. Here are 3 tips to help you get started with Gmail ads.

3 Tips To Get Started With Gmail Ads

Gmail ads don’t show you what you’re actual quality score is, but there is a distinct correlation between click through rate and cost per click. If your ads are of a high quality, your email open rates will go up and with that your cost per click dramatically falls. The difference between the CPC of high CTR and a low CTR ads can be 10:1. So constantly improving your email open rates is essential.

2: Get Ideas From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Whatever platform you use to run your email marketing campaigns, use it to generate an email performance report. Then sort that report by open rate. This will show you what has worked well for you in the past and what hasn’t. Emails that have been successful in your everyday email marketing campaigns have a high chance of working well for you as a Gmail advertisement. There’s no need to test emails that have low open rates as they will likely lower your open rate and drive up your CPC.

3: Competitor Keywords

You can target Gmail ads towards people who have shown interest in products that your competitors sells. Targeting your competitors brand terms gives you a great opportunity to take sales away from competitors and give them to yourself. If they are selling a similar product/service, there’s a good chance that your quality score will go up and your CPC will go down.

Gmail ads are an exciting new opportunity for business owners and anyone in the PPC industry. The targeting opportunities and delivery method make them unique. So use this to your advantage and start generating leads for your business.