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3 Features You Should Try Using With Google Adwords

Google AdWords and its features are constantly changing and updating. It is important to be aware of those changes and added features and put some of them to use in order to increase your PPC performance for your company. Implementing and updating your campaign(s) with new features is the only way you will get the most out of your ad spend and to uncover new valuable information/data to make informed marketing decisions. Here are 3 features you should try implementing in AdWords:-

1. Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions let you add extra information to your ads, showcasing specific products or product groups that are on sale. They allow you to update the promotions that you can attach to your text ads. These extensions can send your CTR’s skyrocketing on your ads no matter what you are telling people, whether that is sharing a discount code, sitewide discount or even just alerting people to a general sale.

As a business, you have lots of information that you need to communicate to consumers and potential customers, yet Google only gives you 30 characters for each headline and 80 for the description meaning it is difficult to get everything you want into an ad. This feature can eliminate the use of boring promotional headlines that people ignore.

3 Features You Should Try Using With Google Adwords Promotion Extensions

Like with all extensions, you can control when they are shown and on what devices, meaning you can customise promotions based on a particular device. For example, you want to run a mobile flight sale? Set the extensions to mobile only. Companies using them are seeing 20-30% conversion rate lifts so it is a feature worth using.

2. Custom Intent Audiences

Custom intent audiences make it easy to reach people who want to buy specific products you sell based on data from your campaigns, website, universal app campaigns, search and display network and YouTube channel. Google Adwords can auto-create custom intent audiences using machine learning technology to analyse existing campaigns to find the right people easier and more effectively. Custom intent audiences are created and based on the most common keywords and the URLs found in people’s content while they are browsing a given product or service. While custom affinity audience targeting allows for more control on the General Display Network it is also great for building your brand.

3 Features You Should Try Using With Google Adwords custom intent audiences

Experienced PPC advertisers will find that this advanced feature improves performance for both prospecting and remarketing. You can take an even more detailed approach to targeting by combining custom affinity audiences with other forms of targeting to increase campaign efficiency and the get the most out of your ad spend.

3.Smart Bidding

Firstly to enable smart bidding you must set key performance targets in relation to the goals of your business campaign. When this is set up Adwords can use your data to make predictions about how different bid amounts will impact your campaign performance and conversions. During campaign optimisation and post-campaign analysis, you can get a detailed analysis of your bidding strategy and how it performed for you.

Smart bidding, like other AdWords features, uses machine learning, but in this case to assess the relationships between a range of different variables and through the AdWords auction. Smart bidding is able to optimise bids to ensure the best possible return on your budget against your advertising targets. Smart bidding does this by looking at the context surrounding bids and isolating the factors that have previously led to certain outcomes. Because of this information, it can automatically bid to hit the advertiser’s campaign targets.

3 Features You Should Try Using With Google Adwords smart bidding

These targets can be set based on a target CPA (cost per acquisition), ROAS (return on ad spend), or CPC (cost per click) goal. The latest feature available to advertisers is ‘maximize conversions’ which gains the optimal number of conversions against their set budget. Smart bidding is a hugely powerful AdWords feature and can create great performance efficiencies and increased profits.

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