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Useful Adwords Ad Extensions & What They Do

Useful Adwords Ad Extensions & What They Do

Ad extensions are an important aspect of any successful PPC account. Google AdWords even uses them as a factor when calculating the rating of your ads. They can be implemented to great effect to improve the CTR of your ads as well as significantly improving your ad quality score. Today I will be going through three useful AdWords ad extensions & what they do.

1: Sitelink Extensions


Sitelinks allow you to show different pages of your website below what the user has actually searched for. Sitelinks are great for allowing you to be more specific when a generic search term is used.

Amazon is great at using sitelinks, in the example to the left I searched for amazon cycling. As you can see they made far more specific areas readily available by adding them as sitelinks. So if the searcher is actually looking for cycling accessories, they can go directly to that page.

Sitelink extensions are beneficial to pretty much every ad campaign, they are great for increasing CTR as users can immediately go to the page they are interested in. Sitelinks don’t always show up however as Google can show them at their discretion, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t appear when you go to check them out.

2: Location Extensions


Location extensions allow you to give more information to searchers. This can include your address, your phone number and map markers which include your ad text. On mobile, they include a link that gives directions to the user so that they can easily find your business.

As you can see in the example above, Elite Pilates uses location sitelinks to help users find their business. This type of sitelink is particularly effective when you have business that relies on customers physically visiting your shop front as it encourages them to visit you in person.

Location extensions also allow you to target ads in a radius around your business, making them very effective for locally aimed AdWords campaigns.

3: Call Extensions

Call extensions allow you to add your phone number to text ads which allows users to easily contact you. Call extensions show up differently depending on the device that’s being used, for example if someone was searching on their iPhone they wouldn’t see your phone number, but would instead be shown a click to call button. You can get great insights based on call tracking statistics gleaned from these extensions.

This is a great extensions to use if you want to encourage people to call your business. It makes finding your number an extremely simple process. This is incredibly useful, especially since Google no longer permits the use of phone numbers within ad copy.

Using call extensions is very useful for any PPC campaign. Depending on the type of business, different extensions are necessary to maximise CTR and ROI. These three extensions are effective and very easy to implement.
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