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Google’s New Responsive Search Ads

Google recently announced Responsive Search Ads which is a beta test version of their newest text ad format. Their new ad format is currently in testing for a select number of accounts. This format offers advertisers more character real estate and combines their descriptions and headlines. It is expected they will roll out a similar format to all advertisers.

Google’s New Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads are a new type of search ad that let you create an ad that can adapt to show more text and more relevant messages. They are powered by Google machine learning. You can enter multiple headlines and descriptions with a Responsive Search Ad. The more headlines and descriptions an advertiser enters, the more the Google Adwords interface can test and learn which combinations work best with different searches from individuals. Your campaigns performance can be significantly improved by adapting an ad’s content to more closely match potential customers’ search terms.

When using Google’s new Responsive Search Ads, an advertiser should set up one ad with multiple headlines and a few descriptions, Google will begin to test these combinations dynamically to deem the conversation most likely to achieve the advertiser’s stated goal. Having multiple ad options allow your ad groups more opportunities to compete in more auctions when there are more options for the keywords to trigger your ads to show. By showing up for more searches your message will reach more customers.

There are a number of reasons to try using Responsive Search Ads:

  • Show up to three headlines instead of two.
  • Show up to two descriptions of 90 characters instead of one with an 80-character description.
  • Input up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions
  • Improved visibility of search ads on mobile devices.
  • Optimise ad delivery based on the best performing headline & description combinations.  

Google included an option that allows users to ‘pin’ a headline variation to the desired headline position.  A headline that is pinned will show in the desired headline position across all variations of Google’s Responsive Search Ads.  This feature gives users some control over messaging while allowing Google to optimise ad delivery. This will be helpful for advertisers in sensitive categories.

You can find more details on this new ad format on the AdWords support page.