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How Adding An Upsell System Helped Our Client Boost Their Online Sales

How Adding An Upsell System Helped Our Client Boost Their Online Sales

How Adding An Upsell System Helped Our Client Boost Their Online SalesUpselling is about persuading a customer to buy an additional product or one that is more expensive when they are ready to make a purchase. If you have a brick and mortar retail business, you know that upselling customers when they are about to make a purchase can be a huge boost to your sales, and likely you have already trained your staff to attempt to upsell whenever it’s plausible to do so. Not only can it help increase your profits, but it can also be beneficial to the customer as it stops them having to make another trip to the shop to get certain accessories etc that they might need to get the most out of their purchase.

If upselling is so effective in store, why isn’t your ecommerce website helping your customers and profits in the same way by upselling them on their way through the online checkout process? That’s what we thought about for our client Douglas Forest & Garden and why we suggested adding an easy to use upsell feature to their website to help increase cart volume and boost the sales of their BERG trampoline and go-kart accessories.

How The Upsell System Works

There were two options for how to implement the upsell feature for DFG’s range of BERG toys. The first was an automatic system based on the categories of the items, the second option was to add a feature in the backend of the website that allows an admin to choose the most suitable related products one by one for each product. We decided that the way we could get the best results was to choose the second option as this would allow us to show shoppers the most closely related accessories for each particular product.

Easy To Use

We provided training to the Douglas Forest & Garden staff that carry out work on their website. Once the upsell system was put in place, it was as simple as visiting a product page in the backend of the ecommerce website and selecting whichever accessories best suited the product to show up during the checkout page e.g. while someone checks out with a BERG trampoline, they will be upsold trampoline covers, ladders and other useful accessories that they might like to get for their new trampoline.



The Results

Douglas Forest & Garden now has a fully implemented upsell system across their BERG product line that shows buyers what they are most likely to purchase along with their base product. It has helped to boost shopping cart volume and has been an instrumental factor in increasing their sales by 366% between the dates of March 3rd 2017 to May 3rd 2017 when compared to the previous year.

If you need an ecommerce website that sells and you want innovative techniques like upselling and conversion optimisation to help give you an edge over your competition, book your free ecommerce web design consultation now by visiting us online or by calling 021-234-8038.