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What Is Remarketing?

What Is Remarketing?What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing with AdWords is a way to reconnect with users who have previously visited your website or landing pages while they are browsing other parts of the web. AdWords remarketing allows you to start showing customised ads to specific previous visitors. Even if the user didn’t make a purchase, you can start showing them ads for specific products they were looking at which gets them back into the sales funnel making them far more likely to convert. Instead of having one chance to convert each user, remarketing gives you countless opportunities to try turn them into customers.

How Does Remarketing Work

To setup Google remarketing on your website and landing pages you just need to link your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts and make slight edits to the Analytics tracking tag code on each page you want to track. If you don’t feel comfortable editing the code on your website, your web developer should be able to do it for you. Once the code is in place you can start building your remarketing list. You do this by selecting the criteria for which users you would like to remarket to. A good example would be all visitors to the website that didn’t make a purchase or complete a form.

Once the criteria for remarketing are selected your list will start building. It does this by placing cookies on users laptops, phones or whatever machine they used to view your site when they meet the specifications. You can create as many different lists as you want which allows you to be extremely specific with how you target different types of users.

How To Get The Most Out Of Remarketing

You can get the most out of your remarketing campaign by making sure the ads people are shown are specific and relevant enough to each user. So if a user was on product page A you should be showing them ads for product A not product B. People can also tend to get sick of seeing the same ads pop up constantly so go to ad scheduling and delivery options. From there you can access frequency capping options which allow you to limit how many times in a certain time period that each individual user can see each ad. For example you can set it so that a user can only see a particular ad once per day.

If you would like to stop missing out on potential customers then you should start remarketing with Google AdWords. Get your business in front of people that have already shown an interest in your products or services. Book your FREE Google AdWords consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing today by visiting us online or calling us on 021-234-8038 now!