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2 Ways To Make Your Facebook Remarketing Campaigns Better

Remarketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques to bring people back to your website. This technique gives you a chance to reclaim those close to converting individuals and to capture those who showed an interest or high intent to buy from you. Lots of marketers & businesses still struggle with it. If your campaign isn’t giving you the results you expected, then you need to try to fix it. Here are 2 ways to make your Facebook remarketing campaigns better.

2 Ways To Make Your Facebook Remarketing Campaigns Better

1: Target By Visit Frequency

Targeting by visit frequency is a great way to improve your remarketing campaign results. When a person visits your website once and leaves, it’s unlikely they will come back anytime soon. Targeting people who visited your website two or more times without buying are the ones you should focus on. They could be so close to converting but might just need that little extra push to complete a purchase. Create a new custom audience under your remarketing audience based on the URLs you would like to target. Refine your audience by frequency so you can see how many times someone has explored your products then select by a few visits. You can provide this separate audience with new ads specifically targeting them, you could offer a discount or an offer if they purchase now. This will help you deliver higher-converting remarketing campaigns.

2: Avoid Ad Repetition

The next step which will have a profound effect on you remarketing campaigns is avoiding ad repetition. Nobody likes to be bombarded with the same stuff so try not to overwhelm people with the same thing, over and over again. If people are repeatedly seeing your brands ads and are not interested, they will get frustrated and gain a negative affiliation towards your business which will likely lose them for good. Facebook allows you to reduce the ad frequency. You can do this by going back to your Business Manager under the “Automated Rules” section. In the top right-hand corner press “Create Rule” and make sure you complete the following steps.

-Apply the rule to “All Active Ads”

-Set the Action to “Turn Off Ads”

-Set the Conditions to “Frequency > number x”

Automated rules are automated processes that will trigger when specific actions take place. For example, if someone sees your ad on five different occasions, you can set a rule that will stop showing that ad. Instead of running the risk of ad fatigue that will generate a low CTR, set up this rule to eliminate the chances of that happening.

Remarketing is a great way to bring back lost conversions. It’s one of the best ways to return individuals to your website. It takes a bit of hard work and creativity to implement a successful remarketing campaign but by trying the above steps, you will increase the chances of your campaign being successful. To learn more about how we can use remarketing to help your brand, visit us online today and book a consultation.