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The #1 Reason You Get Hacked & How To Stop It From Happening Again

The #1 reason people get hacked is compromised or weak passwords. This means that maybe you have a very weak password that is easily guessable or your password has been leaked online. Passwords get leaked online all the time from various data breaches. For example in 2012 the passwords of over 6 million LinkedIn users were leaked online.

So if your password was compromised & you use that password for other accounts that means people can get into your social media profiles, email etc. And once your email is compromised they can potentially access everything by resetting passwords.

So how can you stop this?

There are tools called password managers that allow you to store unique, long, difficult-to-guess passwords for every account you have in an encrypted vault & all you have to remember is one master password (which you should never use anywhere else, anywhere!!!). Basically, this means that if an account gets compromised as Linkedin did, because you only use that password on that one account you don’t have to worry about your other accounts being potentially breached by the password leak.

I have put some examples of password managers below but of course, do your own research to see what’s best for you. And one other tip, always enable 2-factor authentication on your accounts!

Examples of password managers