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2 WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress is a system for managing content and it is one of the best when it comes to SEO. Effective SEO is important for taking your website to the next level and getting discovered online, therefore, increasing traffic and ultimately sales. Optimising your website to the best practices outlined in this article will help your business rank highly in the search engine. These 2 WordPress SEO tips will help you improve your overall online performance and have a better website.

2 WordPress SEO Tips

1: Set Permalinks

A permalink is the full URL you see and use on a particular post, page or any other piece of content used on your website. They are what users use in their address bars to reach to your website and view a relevant page. Both search engines and visitors use these to index and visit your website. A permalink means a permanent link. A permalink can include your domain name and a slug, the piece of the URL that comes after the domain name. You can decide whatever one to choose however a URL that is unclear at the end is a lot less shareable and enticing than a short and simple SEO-friendly URL. WordPress comes with default settings for permalinks allowing you to change them to suit your goals. These settings can be found in settings -> permalinks. It is always best to change the default setting to the post name i.e. /%postname%/ because it is easy to remember by users and simple to index by search engines.

2: Customised Media Settings

Capitalising on the media settings available in WordPress them is an important part of your improving your SEO. It is best to customise all the image options available including thumbnails, medium and large. Thumbnails will enhance the appearance of images smaller than their full sizes. Thumbnails increase bandwidth performance and ensure that the uploaded images on your website fit on most devices. Images are important on any website. However, they can completely ruin or improve your SEO. Naming and tagging your images is a big determinant in SEO. You are likely to improve your chances of being ranked higher in image searches with proper tagging. Uploading media with a complex name isn’t good for your SEO performance. When uploading an image, you get an option to change its title, alt text, and description. Leveraging these available options can improve your website’s search engine rankings significantly so take advantage of it.

There are lots of SEO practices out there, however, the above-mentioned SEO tips are some of the best available which you can use in your WordPress website to improve SEO performance.To see how we can use WordPress to help your business grow online and increase sales, contact us on 021-432-8083 or visit us online today.