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Five Reasons For Using The SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin

Five Reasons For Using The SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin

Almost everyone who owns or has built a website has heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress is often praised as being extremely SEO friendly which is one of the reasons so many great websites are built using it. However today I will be talking about how you can improve your SEO even further by using the SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin. Here are my top five reasons for using the SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin. 

1: Google Preview Snippet

When you are writing meta information to improve your SEO using this plugin it shows you a Google search result snippet which allows you to see a preview of exactly how your content will look when someone searches for it.

2: Verified Google Authorship

It has the ability to get you verified Google Authorship for your website. Google Authorship is a way of linking the content you create with a Google+ profile which helps in the promotion of whatever it is that you are an expert at.

3: Ranking Of SEO Value

The SEO by Yoast plugin gives you a page by page SEO value. It ranks your pages by bad, poor, ok & good. It also suggest recommendations on how you can improve a poor score into a good one taking multiple factors such as keyword density into account.

4: Automatically Notifies Search Engines

If you have properly linked the plugin with Google Webmaster tools it automatically notifies search engines about any updates that have been made, making your web pages even easier to find for anyone who searches.

5 Automatic XML Sitemap Files

The SEO by Yoast plugin automatically creates an XML sitemap file which allows you as a web designer to list your web sites pages in a way that tells search engines about the organization of your content and what pages include what specific information.

There are many advantages of using the SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin such as it’s impressive & user friendly abilities when it comes to social media integration. However these have been my top five reasons for using the SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin, with over 14 million downloads you can’t go wrong.