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2 Quick Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

2 More Simple Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website SecureKeeping your WordPress website secure is essential if you want to continue to have customers trust your site and your business. This is especially true for ecommerce sites, if you are hacked even once it could have devastating effects on your sales with possible customers being too worried about purchasing from you online. Here are 2 quick tips to keep your WordPress website secure.

1: Be Careful When Adding User Accounts

For most businesses it’s not practical to have just one person with the ability to access the website. For example if you run a website that 8 bloggers regularly contribute to, they will need access in order to upload their work. The more user accounts, the greater risk that your site will be compromised. So firstly be certain that you can trust the person completely before allowing them access.

Often the people with access to the site are honest and decent and wouldn’t do anything to damage your site on purpose, however if they aren’t being security conscious when choosing their passwords then their account can become a weak link. Luckily WordPress is highly flexible and allows you to use security plugins to force users to create a strong login password. The more people who have access, the more necessary a plugin like this is needed.

2: Keep A Backup

No matter how security conscious you are, when you have a website there is always a chance of a successful hack. Sometimes the best remedy is to go back and restore your site to a time before the hack and implement more security protocols. The only way you can do that is if you take regular backups and store them off of your website. Speak to your web design or hosting company about backups and make sure you are well protected in the event of a cyber attack.

Keeping your WordPress website secure and the reputation of your business protected should always be in your mind. So be careful when adding user accounts and only allow people you trust to have login details, force users to create strong passwords especially if there are a large number of accounts and remember to always keep regular backups just in case a cyber attack is successful.