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3 Simple Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

3 Simple Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website SecureWordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. This is largely due to its amazing flexibility and it’s ease of use. It’s great for web designers and end users alike. However, it’s popularity also means that cyber criminals put time and effort into trying to find weaknesses that they can exploit. This makes security a concern, but here are 3 simple tips to keep your WordPress website secure.

1: Change Login URL

Everyone in the world of web design knows that the standard WordPress login page URL is found by adding /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ to the end of the domain name. Cyber criminals are also very aware of this. Changing the login page URL to something less obvious can go a long way to preventing unscrupulous from ever getting a chance to hack into your WordPress website.

2: Choose A Secure Password

If changing your login URL isn’t enough to deter potential hackers, you will need a strong password to block them from gaining access to your site. The days of password123 being an option are long gone. Your password should include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The more mixed they are, generally the stronger the password. It’s also important to not just set it and forget it, changing your password regularly also significantly reduces the chances of a successful hack.

3: Don’t Use Admin As Your Username

When you are first installing WordPress, you should never choose admin as the name for your main administrator account. It is the most commonly used name out there and people who wish to do harm to your website are well aware of that. Choosing a username for yourself with security in mind is another great way to add a stumbling block for any would be hackers.

Keeping your WordPress login page hidden and secure is a great way to secure your website. Remember to change the URL from the standard /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ to something less obvious, create a secure password using capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols and don’t use admin as your username to log in. Book your WordPress web design consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing today.