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3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rate

Email conversion rates have grown rapidly over the last few years. A study by McKinsey & Company found that they actually convert over 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. Every online business needs a good email list to survive. However you should never focus solely on the size of your email list, you simply have to take the conversion rate into account. Would you prefer 500 subscribers with an open rate of 70% or 1,000 subscribers with an open rate of 10%? It’s obvious, it doesn’t matter how many people are receiving your emails if no one is looking at them. In this article I will be telling you 3 easy ways to increase your email open rate. 

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Email Open Rate1: Find Your Description Line Sweet Spot

Get Response analyzed over 375 million emails and came back with some unexpected results. Keeping your description lines short and sweet is a thing of the past. The best performing emails had description lines that were 61+ characters, with an average of over 12% open rate. To find the best fit for your audience split test your descriptions lines with different variants between 61 and 130 characters. Get Response also discovered that longer description lines actually improves your CTR by an average of 2%, that can’t be ignored.


2: Lowercase Letters For Your Description Lines

Most businesses start the first letter of every word in the description with a capital letter as they get used to doing that for every headline they write, I have been guilty of it myself. However when a friend or relative emails you, they generally use lower case letters. You open those emails because you already know and trust that person. The use of lowercase letters makes you appear more genuine and trustworthy. In fact it actually makes you stand out more from other businesses because your email appears different.


3: Keep Your List Clean

Inactive subscribers make your email open rates drop way down. You should be cleaning out your email list at least once a year, twice if you have thousands of subscribers. Most email software will allow you to see inactive users, so get spring cleaning and send them to another list. This will send your email open rates back up to where they should be by weeding out bots, spammers and people who genuinely have no interest in purchasing your products or services.

If you use these methods  you have a great chance of breaking all of your previous records for email open and conversions rates for your business. Bring your email marketing to the next level.