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4 Tips For Making Great Performing Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages which a person arrives at on your website after clicking on ad or link. Marketers often make the mistake of directing all of their ad traffic to their homepage. However specific landing pages should be tailored to different ads. This provides a quality experience and drives a higher conversion rate with a targeted message that matches the user’s needs. Effective landing pages4 Tips For Making Great Performing Landing Pages are key to successful online marketing. Your company’s PPC ads and offers might be wonderful, but without a great landing page, your bottom line will suffer. You don’t want people to just visit your page after they engage with your ad or offer, you want them to take action once they are there. Here are 4 tips for making great performing landing pages.

1: Ask Questions

What is the goal of your landing? What would you like people to do when they reach your landing page? Would they purchase something? Call you? Fill out a form? Sign up for a newsletter? Download an ebook? What Call to action should I use? All these questions are relevant to ask yourself when designing an effective landing page. Determining goals is key for every strategy and especially when it comes to landing pages.

2: Short, Simple and Straight To The Point Content

Your content on your landing page should be short, concise, easy to read and straight to the point. Landing pages should have all the necessary information the visitor needs to know, should know or you think they would like to know. However, it is important not to overwhelm them with too much information which will more than likely drive them away. Give the essential information that will interest your target audience and provide nothing more which is unnecessary.

3: Eye-Catching Headlines

Great landing pages use the main headline and a subheading for more explanation or value proposition. The headline of your landing page is the first thing people see when they click on your ad so making it powerful and compelling will usually give you the desired result.  People coming to your site are going to decide in a split second if they want to stay and see what your company is all about. Make sure the headline stands out visually, is clear and explains what your business is about.

4: Use Colour Theory

Colour theory is the visual impact determined by colour and colours combinations which can even lead us to have different emotional responses. Colour is a powerful communication tool that can be used to spark certain actions, influence people’s moods and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colours have been associated with certain emotions, feelings and characteristics. There are two specific ways that colour theory relates to designing an effective landing page: 1) Contrasting colour combinations and readability & 2) Psychological colour associations. Taking the time to utilise these two methods and really put some thought into the colour combinations you choose for your landing page will help you to make great landing page choices. This will be based on what will be most effective and will improve conversions, rather than making a choice based on what appears to be nice looking.

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