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Social media is continuously growing and evolving with more and more users and new platforms are being created. One social media platform which is growing in huge popularity is Instagram. Instagram has over 800 million active users so with its reach and popularity it is the perfect tool to advertise on and to showcase your business and its offerings.  Here are 3 benefits of advertising on Instagram. 1: Increased Brand Awareness Implementing a social media strategy which utilises the Instagram advertising platform will greatly increase your brand recognition as you will be able to engage with a large and diverse audience

Many small businesses make the big mistake of trying to do everything by selling lots of products and trying to appeal to every type of audience. Identifying a niche something that all new small businesses should do. A niche is a specific, focused part of the market that can be easily targeted. It means being a specialist in providing products which focus on specific client group’s needs, which isn't or can't be addressed in detail by bigger businesses selling different ranges of products to all different types of audiences. Your niche and target market are completely different so it is important

Interested in becoming a content generating machine but you’re unsure where to start? The podcast approach is a great way to get started on this. We’re going to teach you how to from start to finish, record, edit and distribute your podcast so that you have a diversity of authentic and thought leadership content available to post daily for you and your business. Step 1: Audio Equipment Equipment is first and foremost of course, but it definitely does not need to break the bank. In-house here in 3B1 we use Rode equipment in the form of Rode Microphones and a Rodecaster. But