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3 Ways To Improve Your Google Search Rankings For Your Business

Reaching the right people at the right time is the hallmark of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The space is constantly changing as every day there are 15% entirely new search queries. Ranking high on Google is crucial as only 25% of users go beyond the first page of search results. 

How do you ensure that your business continues to strive in SEO and rank higher to obtain the correct traffic? Here are three methods that your business can utilise in order to rank higher on Google.

1: Identify and use the correct keywords

There are many tools you can use to help you select the best keywords. One simple and effective way is to make use of the keyword planner in Google Ads (you need to have a Google Ads account). By inserting your keywords into the planner, Google can suggest additional thousands of keywords along with their search volumes so you can target the efficient ones. Another way to target the correct keywords is to conduct a quick analysis by searching the keywords you wish to target. This will help you to understand the intent of users’ search patterns and target suitable keywords. 

Looking at the related searches (bottom of the search page), people also ask and Google autocomplete suggestions will give you a clear idea of what’s currently ranking high in the search results. Additionally, pay attention to long-tail queries, even though they typically have a lower search volume, so you can target people who may be likely to make a purchase.

2: Producing relevant content consistently 

It’s important not to overuse keywords in your headlines as it may turn people away from your website. You don’t want to sound like a robot. Therefore you should create content around your keywords. Creating content across multiple channels can drive your Google ranking up the search page. Blogs and videos can be effective ways to do this. Answering users’ enquiries, tailored to these formats, can really improve your ranking and improve the user’s online experience.

Video, in particular, is crucial. Web pages that include at least one video are 45 more times likely to rank higher on the search engine. Google’s Search Quality Guidelines emphasise the importance of expertise, authority and trustworthiness and showcasing these attributes leads to a higher production quality of content. Establishing your website as a resource is also an effective way to attract a remarketing audience and consistently have users visiting. Therefore, consistently producing content is a must in this current digital age.

3: Having a solid website

Google places great importance on the user experience and websites place a massive role in the user’s online journey.  Your website should be customized to both desktop and mobile devices. It is shown that mobile web browsing accounts for more than 54% of global traffic, surpassing desktop browsing back in 2017. Ensuring that your website is viewable and responsive on mobile will increase the likelihood of ranking higher on Google’s search results and decrease bounce rates from end-users.

Structuring your webpage is also vital in order to accommodate the needs of users. This in turn lowers the odds of a potential consumer leaving your landing page right away and going back to the search results.

To conclude, optimising your keywords, producing high-quality content and ensuring that your website adds value to the user’s online experience significantly improve overall search rankings for your business.

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