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3 Things You Can Do On Your Website Right Now To Improve Your Google Rankings

3 Things You Can Do On Your Website Right Now To Improve Your Google Rankings

3 Things You Can Do On Your Website Right Now To Improve Your Google Rankings

In today’s highly competitive market no matter what industry you are operating in, everybody is trying to do whatever they can to get ahead of their competitors and achieve success. Top online rankings are a key driving element to success for a business. Here are 3 things you can do on your website right now to improve your Google rankings.

1.Keyword Research

Identifying what keywords are being searched in relation to your industry or related to the types of products/services you offer is key to improving your online ranking. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start finding out the keywords that are relevant to your site to see what the competition for each of those keywords is. This will allow you to identify and list all of the keywords that your website and content should be containing in order to allow your site to show and rank highly when people are searching for particular keywords on the search engine. Whether you are paying for those keywords through Google AdWords or whether you are using those keywords throughout blog posts/your own written content then you highly increase your online ranking.  

2.Site Speed

If you have ever tried to visit a site before and it took a long time to load you can be frustrated. Most people in those situations exit the tab and move on to your competition. If your site is slow loading not only will you potentially miss out on potential business but it will also not rank highly in search results. The customer experience won’t be positive if your site isn’t up in front of the web user in just a few short seconds. For every extra second that goes by you leave customers unhappy, abandonment rates increase and potential business is left behind. Test your site speed and get a detailed insight telling where you are in terms of how your site is performing and to give you an indication into whether you should get it improved.

3.Update Your Site Regularly

Updating your site is a key component to having a good Google ranking. Search engines want to see businesses that are dynamic, active and have content related to what people are interested in. Companies won’t always have new projects, new products or new company news so that’s where something like a company blog can work wonders in relation to improving your online rankings. Regularly creating and publishing blog posts in relation to the latest topics and trends within your industry will improve your search engine ranking and the new reader-centric content gives your customers a reason to return to your site.

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