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3 Effective Ways To Write Blogs That Rank Higher On Google

Writing blogs is a fantastic way to make your website a resource as it allows the right traffic to consistently visit your website. In turn, your website can rank higher on Google’s search results. But how do you make your blog engaging and SEO friendly so it ranks higher? Here are a few tips that you can utilise in order to gain a competitive edge. 

#1 Create engaging titles 

You more than likely clicked on this article to consume information quickly. Using terminologies such as “3 tips”, “5 easy ways”, etc. can improve your click-through rate (CTR) for your article. It sets the user’s expectations before they have even clicked on your article. As a result of higher CTRs, Google will place your article higher up the search results and therefore you will receive the right traffic for your website.

Breaking your article up into paragraphs allows people to easily scan your article and retrieve the information that appeals to them the most. Our attention spans have significantly decreased and people are not fans of long text and non-structured content. To maintain people’s attention, apply scannable sections, subheadings and visuals. These methods can provide a user-friendly experience. 

#2 Use keywords the right way

Don’t overuse keywords or force additional keywords into your article as it can put people off and harm your rankings on Google. Instead, find natural fits for adding keywords. Think about your users and their experience of reading. 

You can also add meta descriptions for your posts as it can be another avenue to include keywords and help Google to determine the search ranking for your posts. Use one or two keywords and keep the description short and simple to improve your CTR. At the end of the day, Google wants to ensure that the user is having a positive experience.

#3 Produce content consistently 

Content is king. Adding new blog posts to your website gives Google an indication that your website is active. Ensure that your content is high-quality. Don’t produce content just for the sake of it. It will harm your engagement and therefore Google will not showcase your content as much to potential new audiences. The more content you produce, the more traffic you will receive. 

To summarize, create blogs that you would find easy to read. Do it consistently with a high degree of quality and you’ll see results in no time.

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