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SEO & Analytics Services

The right content to get your website ranking

When we partner on an SEO project with a company, your most important search terms become ours. We are an open and transparent agency. There’s never a guarantee of specific results and a lot of so called SEO companies hide their work behind an opaque veil and tell you very little about what work is going on behind the scenes. We give you open and honest results using advanced software alongside Google Analytics to monitor your rankings and ROI. We also are just a friendly call away at all times.

Strategy and Planning

Every great project starts with a great strategy and a plan. We work with you to nail down your KPIs and goals for your rankings and work to help your customers find you. We benchmark your current website to determine where you’re currently ranking and work with you for the continuous improvement of your rankings.

Market and Keyword Research

Every website and industry is different. We ensure that we do a deep dive into the market research and keyword research in the area of your industry. We benchmark how competitive your industry space is and work with clients to determine the keywords and search terms that drive the most leads, conversions, customers or clients to their website.

Content Creation

Once the research is nailed down we focus on building content for your site to bolster your rankings. We don’t just create bland content for your site. We focus on not only getting rankings but also engagement. We research to determine the content that performs best for your audience and create a core focus around your audience. Google is hungry for high-quality information and as part of our SEO plan, we put a content generation plan in place that will help you get rankings, satisfy Google’s need for content and of course is customer/client centric.

Up to Date with Algorithms

Google and other search engines are constantly shifting their algorithms which determine what factors contribute to how pages are ranked and how highly your site will rank. Even slight changes to search engine algorithms can have a huge impact on rankings. We stay on top of all of the latest Google algorithm changes and pass the results onto our SEO clients.

Analytics and Data

We use cutting-edge technology to research, track and improve your SEO results. Often with SEO companies, you don’t even know what you are paying them to do or if you’re getting any results! We don’t work like that. You will get a monthly report on exactly how your site is performing, what SEO tasks we completed that month to improve your rankings and our plan of action for the following month.

Continued Support

As always our service is about continuous improvement for our clients and that includes always being just a phone call, email or meeting away. Businesses change and adapt over time. We ensure that we keep up to date with you. Whether you need to update your goals and KPIs and support your marketing efforts accordingly.