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3 Useful & Easy To Implement Features For eCommerce Retailers

3 Useful & Easy To Implement Features For eCommerce Retailers

Taking up more space than your competitors paid ads is paramount when it comes to eCommerce retailers. Ad extensions, shopping ads and copy all come into play just to name a few. Today however I will be going over some of the last utilized and easy to implement features for eCommerce retailers.

1: Review Extensions

Review extensions are rarely used. This could be due to how critical Google is of the use of review extensions which often ends in disapproval. However two types of review extensions that usually get approved are the BBBA (Better Business Bureau Accreditation) and the Google Trusted Stores review extension.

2: Google Shopping Merchant Promotions

Merchant promotions are extra chunks of text that pop up when the searcher clicks on a “special offer” link. The promotions are set up in Google Merchant Centre. Since as an eCommerce retailer you more than likely already have setup your Google Merchant Centre this is an easy feature to implement. As the retailer you will need the title of the promotion, the actual promotion, the promotion run dates, the promotional code and whether the code applies to all of your products or just specific ones. These promotions can be scheduled and also include a countdown which lets the consumer know how long your sale will be on for.

3: Dynamic Remarketing Text Ads

The majority of the time dynamic remarketing text ads fall by the wayside. This is due to people focusing on dynamic remarketing image ads which usually switch between eight rotating products at once as opposed to the texts ads one. While the image ads can be very effective it’s never wise to completely ignore dynamic remarketing text ads and by including them you increase your overall impressions. When you are creating your dynamic remarketing campaigns it is wise to put the text and image ads into different ad groups as they are very different and you also want to be able to set your bids differently for them.

All of these methods are under used in ads, if you feel like you may have under used them as well it might be worth taking a look and seeing if it makes sense to implement them into your campaigns. None of these methods are complete game changers but they will help you to stand out that bit more from your competition.