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3 Little-Known Benefits Of High Click Through Rates

3 Little-Known Benefits Of High Click Through Rates

It’s well known that the higher the click through rate (CTR) of your ads, the better as it means more people are clicking your ads. However CTR is used for more than just measuring how many people clicked your ads, it is also one of the most important factors in determining the success and reach for Google AdWords campaigns, social media ads and organic rank in search engines. Here are 3 little-known benefits of high click through rates.

1: Get Much More From Your Google AdWords Budget

High click through rates have a huge amount of benefits for your Google search, display, mail and shopping campaigns. The higher your CTR, the higher your quality score as your ad is determined to be more relevant than your competitors’ on lower CTR’s. This, in turn, lowers your cost per click substantially, allowing you to get more clicks for the same advertising budget. Similarly, a high CTR for Google ads also increases your impression share. This means that your ads will actually show more often without increasing the budget.

2: Get Much More For Your Social Media Budget

Facebook and Twitter have systems that are similar to Google’s quality score. These are Facebook’s relevance score and Twitters quality adjusted bids respectively. Both of these scoring systems rely heavily on how users interact with your ads to determine how often they will be shown, your overall reach and much more success factors. Once again a high CTR has a huge impact on how well your ads score. By increasing your CTR for Facebook and Twitter ads, you increase overall user engagement. This results in your ads reaching more people without increasing your budget by lowering your cost per engagement. Cost per engagements vary so much on social media platforms that an ad with a high CTR with a budget of €10 could get up to 10,000 engagements, while an ad with a low CTR could potentially engage just 1 person.

3: Boost Organic Search Results

Not only are high CTR’s fundamental to the success of Google & social media advertising campaigns, they are also vital to the SEO of your site. The higher your CTR, the better your natural search rankings. For example, if you had a page that was ranked #5 on a search engine rankings page with a CTR of 15% but the #4 ranked page above you only had a CTR of 2%, you would have a far greater chance of passing them out. However, SEO takes time so your high CTR’s would have to be sustained to see any noticeable difference.

Click through rates are incredibly important for every aspect of your online presence. High CTR’s help you get substantially more impressions and clicks for the same budget as low CTR campaigns and they also boost your natural search rankings and help you towards the top spot on SERP’s. If you need helping increasing your CTR’s, book a free Google AdWords consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing today.