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Google Ads Partner Agency Cork

Google Ads Partner Agency Cork

3 Reasons It’s Important For Your Business To Choose A Google Partner For Your Google Ads

There are countless marketing agencies around Ireland that list PPC advertising as one of their services, however there are only a select few that have actually qualified and been granted Google Partner status. If an AdWords agency has partner status, it means that their expertise have been recognised by Google and that they have demonstrated their proficiency in both basic and advanced aspects of managing their clients’ accounts. Here are 3 reasons why it’s important for your business to choose a Google AdWords Partner agency.

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1: Constant Evaluation

Becoming a Google Partner isn’t a simple task. As you can imagine, if Google are going to give their seal of approval to an agency, they want to make sure it’s deserved and that they will deliver for their clients. Agencies with partner status are evaluated and tested constantly, having to take yearly exams on best practices to keep their status. If an agency fails their exams or fails to complete them before they are due, they will lose their Google Partner status. Google also evaluates every partner agencies client accounts to make sure all of their clients are being taken care of properly, failure to keep up with best practices within client accounts can also lead to their Google Partner status being revoked. This insures that all partners are well versed in the most recent best practices, this means they can get the best possible results for your business with their well thought out and executed campaigns.

2: Partners Work With Google

Google Certified Partner agencies also have the distinct advantage of working directly with Google. Each partner agency works with an account development manager. These Google employees are highly specialised professionals that work with agencies to help them get the best possible results for their clients. If a problem arises with an account or ad such as needing special permissions to use certain words e.g. you want to use the word swords in relation to the town not the weapon, they help speed the approval process along and get your ads back up and running. Working directly with Google also has the amazing benefit of access to beta features such as granting early access to recent additions to AdWords like expanded text ads, Google Shopping and dynamic remarketing. These features are fantastic for gaining the edge over non-partner managed accounts.

3: Partners Deliver Results

Google AdWords Partner agencies are poised to deliver the best results for their clients with the best ROI. The staff at these agencies are well trained and extremely well versed in the intricacies of the platform, which means they have the ability to tweak fine details of campaigns to improve performance and acquire more customers for your business for the same budget. Having experts in the field managing your account is crucial for AdWords as it can have a huge benefit if handled correctly and serious consequences if mistakes are made, or opportunities are lost.

When you choose to work with a Google Partner, you are safe in the knowledge that they are constantly being tested and evaluated, they have a direct connection to Google, they deliver great results for their clients and Google are happy to have them represent their company. Book your free AdWords consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing (Certified Google Partners) today by visiting us online or calling 021-234-8038 today.