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3 Tips For Google AdWords Callout Extensions

3 Tips For Google AdWords Callout Extensions

3 Tips For Google AdWords Callout ExtensionsCallout extensions are an integral part of your Google AdWords campaigns. They can be incredibly useful when portraying to a searcher what your business offers and what differentiates you from your competition beyond your title, description and sitelinks. When used correctly, callout extensions can be the deciding factor in whether a user clicks on your ad, or your competitors. Here are 3 tips for Google AdWords callout extensions.

1: Create Multiple Callout Extensions For Each Campaign

Best practice is to create at least 4 or 5 solid callout extensions for each campaign. If you can come up with more than that, go for it. The more callout options that Google AdWords has to work with, the more it will be able to optimise your ads to get the best results.

2: Highlight What Differentiates You

Callout extensions are a great way to stand out from the crowd by showing customers they will get a benefit from you that they won’t from other companies. Some examples of callout extensions to differentiate yourself from the competition include “Open 24/7”, “100% Money-Back Guarantee”, “Next Day Delivery” and other similar offerings that your competitors might not have.

3: Capitalise The First Letter Of Each Word

While only capitalising certain words and writing the rest in lower case might be technically correct, it isn’t the best option for conversions. Similarly, writing your callouts in all caps can make it more difficult for each phrase to stand out and can make reading them a laborious task for users. The best option is to capitalise the first letter of each word within the phrase. Countless studies along with our own testing have shown that this is the best way to drive clicks.

Start driving clicks and conversions with callout extensions in Google AdWords. Remember to create multiple callout extensions for each campaign for maximum optimisation, highlight features that differentiate you and are a benefit to users and capitalise the first letter of each word of your callouts. Book your free Google AdWords consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing, certified Google Partner, by visiting us online today.