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2 Reasons Why Not To Use A Website Builder

2 Reasons Why Not To Use A Website Builder

There’s a lot of tools out there for building your own website. Website builder tools are making lots of money off people who don’t know the difference between easy to build websites and a proper website with semantic markup and search engine optimised code. Creating a great website is more than just putting a few elements on a page using a drag and drop system, using a carbon copy template and then it is ready to go. A website should be built with the user and the user experience in mind. A great website structure, the most up to date SEO techniques as well as a professional design are all required. Here are 2 reasons why not to use a website builder for your business.

2 Reasons Why Not To Use A Website Builder

1: SEO Problems

A big problem with using a website builder is that they give jumbles of code that is not well structured and SEO optimised. It doesn’t contain the elements needed for your website to rank highly in Google’s search page results. On page SEO is the code and structure of a website which determines the SEO-friendliness of the website. This is very important for search engine ranking. Also when you use one of these building tools, you do not have control of the code, you only control the design of the website through a template. With website builders, you can’t use structured data to increase your SEO. Having a big presence online or growing your presence online is a huge part of getting more online visitors and customers and SEO is key to that. These website builders are not SEO optimised and don’t let you create new content so you will rarely rank in Google, therefore, missing out on opportunities to get discovered and increase sales.

2: Ownership

When you create a website with a website builder tool, you don’t own your own website. The files and code belong to the website builder and not you. This can be a huge problem or inconvenience when you run into issues when trading or you’d like to increase the capabilities of your website. As well as that if you decide to upgrade your website or shift it to another hosting platform to better deal with an increase in trade, traffic or just to improve some functionalities there’s no way to migrate your website off of their platform because you don’t have access to site files, code, backend, etc. Therefore all of your time, effort and money is lost and you are essentially starting all over again fresh from nothing. If you build your website on an open source content management system like WordPress you own it all.

A website is one of the most essential parts of any business and will likely be the first way people interact with your business. It is how a business is recognised online and it determines how you are perceived. To get a website built by us then call us today on 021-432-8038 or visit us online to schedule a meeting.