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The Ultimate Guide To Viral Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the creation of video or visual content that resonates with people to the point where the content is shared and seen by huge numbers of people. Creating a marketing campaign or piece of content that goes viral is what every marketer would love for their brand. By a piece of content spreading like wildfire digitally all over the world, engagement and awareness of that brand increase dramatically. There is no straightforward answer to how content goes viral. It’s close to impossible to know what will and what won’t go viral however there are some steps you can adhere to in order to give your content the best chance to go viral. Here the ultimate guide to viral marketing.

1: Emotional Content

Content that has an emotional appeal will have a huge effect on people making them more inclined to share your content which in turn increases your chances of going viral. Make your audience feel something, campaigns and pieces of content should tug on different emotions, for example, a humorous piece of content or even something sad. Information alone is often not enough to viral, you need to grab people with something emotional. By playing on their emotions, your campaign is far more likely to go viral.

The Ultimate Guide To Viral Marketing

2: Target Audience

For anything to go viral, it must resonate with people. Viral content is only powerful if it relates to the audience so convincingly that whoever engages with it is eager to share it with others. Determine who your target audience is and understand them. A target audience will have certain triggers you can tap into to make them connect with your content. Know what triggers affect your audience as this will ultimately lead to how successful your campaign will be.

3: Select An Appropriate Social Platform

With so many different social media platforms out there, it can be hard to decide which social media platform or platforms to distribute your content. You should have the main objective in mind with what you want from the viral campaign you’re trying to implement, whether that is engagement, sharing etc. Different social platforms suit particular objectives better than others. For example, Facebook encourages sharing, Twitter is more conversational wheres Youtube is specifically a video platform that encourages views. Decide what you want to achieve and then choose the appropriate platform or platforms to distribute the content.

4: Be Creative

We live in a digital now where it is harder than ever to stand out. People are bombarded with lots of content so you need to stand out in order to grab their attention. Being creative with your content is a great way to do this. To go viral with your campaigns they must have a unique and interesting idea behind them. Something new, different and attention-grabbing will help your content gain a buzz that people will love and engage with. Creative content marketing will help your brand stand out and help you go viral.

Marketers want their marketing to go viral because that means it is widely recognised, accepted, influential and gives huge exposure to the brand. Creating viral marketing content can be challenging, there’s no guaranteed formula but if you take the above points into consideration when trying to go viral, you will increase your chances significantly. Book a consultation with us today to see how can help your brand grow online.