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Concierge Golf

Concierge Golf

Concierge Golf – Web Design

Concierge Golf caters to high-end clientele, largely from the USA, that are looking for an unforgettable once in a lifetime golfing trips to Northern Ireland, Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to high-end clients. Their services cover booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours as well as helicopter golf tours to some of Ireland’s most famous courses.

They had a website that didn’t prominently feature the information that was most important to their potential customers. They had a lot of great imagery, videos and testimonials at their disposal, but the site lacked the ability to showcase them properly. They wanted to keep their search engine rankings.contact us



Design a website that would appeal to Concierge Golf’s high-end clients


Lay out the important information in a way that’s easy to follow and navigate for users


Utilise a video as the background to the home page without compromising mobile load speed


Feature images and testimonials prominently throughout the site


Make it easy for users to get in touch with any questions and make a booking


Make it easy for users to find answers to their questions with an easy to use FAQ page


Hold on to Concierge Golf’s SEO rankings

Our Approach

We came up with a design that would be up to the visual standard that Concierge Golf’s clients’ demand, showcased imagery of previous tours, followed a simple and easy to follow menu structure and also prominently displayed important information and previous customer feedback.

We used a helicopter golf tour video as the background in the header of the home page on the desktop version of the site but for the mobile version, we used a static image.

We developed a live chat feature for the site.

We added clear and easy to see buttons and links for users to create bookings or get in touch

We got the client to provide us with a list of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers and developed a neat FAQ page that utilises dropdowns so only the answer to the question a user is looking for is visible.

We brought across metadata from the old site, while also updating it to best fit their SEO needs based on keyword research.




Concierge golf have an impressive website that makes it a breeze for potential customers to find the information they are looking for


The helicopter golf tour video showcases the business wonderfully on desktop without compromising on mobile site speed


There is constant proof to users that their services are of a very high quality from the use of quality testimonials and imagery throughout the site


Users can get in touch with any questions or to make a booking via live chat or the prominent contact forms and buttons


Users have a comprehensive FAQ that they can view which frees up more time for Concierge Golf as they aren’t spending as much time answering common questions


SEO rankings were improved and not just maintained. Concierge Golf appear frequently in the top 10 of organic results on Google in the United States for important search terms like “Luxury Golf Tours Of Ireland”100% great company to work with. I have worked with Mark on building 4 websites to date, re-coding, problem-solving and a number of AdWords campaigns. 3B1 are simply easy to deal with and they have the knowledge to complete tasks correctly. 5 star is not easily given out and 3B1’s service is worth it.

John Dooley

Concierge Golf