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Noel Deasy

Noel Deasy – Website

Noel Deasy Cars is one of Ireland’s leading Skoda dealerships and has been providing the people of Cork with new and used cars and servicing for almost 40 years.

Noel Deasy Cars had a website, but they wanted something more modern and polished that reverberated the high calibre brand while also adding additional functionality that just wasn’t possible on the old site. They also wanted to make sure they were in front of potential customers that were looking for a new car right when they were searching.contact us




Design a fantastic looking website that gives users confidence in the Noel Deasy brand


Make it easy for users to search the site and find information on new car


Ensure it was easy for the client to edit the site


Include functionality for the Skoda Auto car configurator on the site so users can customise cars to get a tailor-made package and see what their new car would look like


Add functionality for the Skoda car loan finance calculator


Create an automatic updating carousel from their partner site to show which used cars were currently for sale


Make it easy for users to get in touch to book a test drive or a car servicing


Add a reviews section that automatically adds new Google reviews with a high rating


Use Google AdWords to put Noel Deasy Cars in front of customers looking for new and used cars, increase test drives and ROI

Our Approach

To make sure we had a full understanding of what Ray and his team wanted to achieve with their website we met with them and went through everything in great detail so that we could deliver on every feature they needed and deliver the first impression they wanted their site to have on first-time users.

We developed a home page design that we thought reflected the aesthetic that Noel Deasy Cars were trying to accomplish. With a few small tweaks, the home page design was approved. We based the rest of the pages off of the home page design, which were all subsequently approved.

We added a carousel which includes images and a short description of the new cars that Noel Deasy Cars has on offer to the home page. When an individual car is clicked it brings the user directly to a purpose-built page on that specific car which gives more detail.

We added a new Skoda offers page to the top navigation menu, to help make it easier for users to find information on new cars without scrolling down to the new car carousel on the home page

We built the site using the WordPress content management system so editing text and imagery is as simple as editing a word document.

We built in functionality to the site that allows users to configure their new Skoda cars using the Skoda Auto car configurator without ever leaving the Noel Deasy Cars website.

We developed a solution that makes the Skoda car loan finance calculator available to users on the Noel Deasy Cars website without them ever having to navigate offsite.

We added a carousel to the home page that acts as a live feed of the latest used cars that are available on their partner site.

We added buttons to the header which directed users to either book a test drive or a service. We also added book a test drive buttons to the overall new cars page as well as the individual new car pages and wherever else it made sense in order to ensure it was easy for users to get in touch to book their test drives and car services.

We added a review section to the site that automatically updates with the latest 5-star reviews from Google.

We developed a Google AdWords campaign that puts Noel Deasy Cars at the top of Google for the keywords that are most important to them with the aim of generating more test drive enquiries at a positive ROI.




Noel Deasy Cars has a beautiful website that gives first-time users a great first impression of the business


Users can easily find information on new cars, used cars and servicing in a matter of seconds


The client often makes small edits to their site without needing to come back to us for help

res-impressions (1)

Users can configure their new car exactly how they want it online


Users can calculate car finance packages and apply for car finance on the site


If a user is more interested in used than new cars, they are shown the used car carousel high up on the home page


Users can get in touch about test drives and servicing at the click of a button from anywhere on the site


Users gain confidence in the brand from the impressive number of recent 5-star reviews on display

Noel Deasy Cars are in front of people on Google right when they are looking to buy a new or used car