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5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Creating content can be very time consuming, so it’s important that the time you have spent isn’t wasted. Content marketing can be hazardous and you should always be looking out for mistakes and learning from the mistakes you have made in the past. Here are 5 content marketing mistakes you could be making.

1: Not Understanding Your Audience

When creating content for your content marketing strategies it is crucial that you understand your audience. Who will be reading your content? Who will find it helpful? The more you know about your target audience the more you can create great content that resonates with them. If you don’t understand your audience your content simply won’t be read and shared anywhere near the amount it could have been if it was tailored to the right audience.

2: Content Doesn’t Have An Objective

Every piece of content you create should have a specific objective and attempt to get the reader to complete an action. The objective of the content could be to increase brand awareness, post engagement or lead generation to name a few. Keeping the outcome you wish your content to have in mind when creating it is a great way to keep you on track.

3: Don’t Promote Content On Social Media

Creating great content is just half of the battle. Once you have spent time and effort creating some great content that you feel resonates with your audience, you have to promote it. If you neglect to post your content on social media, your audience is likely to miss out on it completely, meaning your efforts may have been in vain. Try out as many types of social media as you can, find out which platforms work best for you and focus your marketing efforts on them. For example an accountancy firm is more likely to do well on a social media platform like Linkedin than on a platform like Instagram.

4: Not Proofreading Your Content Properly

Typos can be the bane of your content marketing efforts. If you have created great content, it’s a shame to jeopardise your credibility with some easy to fix mistakes. The readers of your content will judge you on your ability to spell and use grammar correctly. So if you want to be considered an expert in your field you will have to eliminate these mistakes. If you have a tough time spelling or using grammar correctly then there are many good grammar/spelling checking tools out there that you can run your content through before posting it.

5: Forgetting The Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Proper SEO is a huge factor in whether or not a particular piece of content will be successful or not. Good SEO tactics make your content simple for search engines and users to discover. Over time as you produce high quality content your search rankings may start to increase which in turn increases the overall traffic to your website. You don’t have to be an expert in SEO, but properly structuring your content with a relevant focus keyword that has traffic is a good way to start getting your content in front of more people. Don’t overuse your keyword within your content as that can have a negative impact, use keywords only where it is natural to do so.

When creating content make an effort to properly understand your audience, give your content an objective, use social media as a way to connect with your audience, proofread all of your content to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors and always consider SEO while creating it. Avoid these content marketing mistakes and you will have a much better chance at having a successful content marketing strategy.