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4 Habits To Give Up So You Can Write Great Content


4 Habits To Give Up So You Can Write Great Content

These days good content is driving good SEO results. If you want to feature highly on SERP’s you need to create great content. Today I will be helping you do yourself a favour by telling you the 4 habits to give up if you want to write great content.

1: Never Duplicate Your Content

Imagine this, you may have just written the best blog post in the world as a guest post on another blog. It’s natural you want to share it everywhere for maximum exposure and traffic to your site. Resist the urge to repost it on your blog and Linkedin pages. While it sounds like the clear cut option Google’s Panda updates have made sure the penalties you incur for duplicate content outweigh the gains that are possible from it. Select the best place for your content and put it there.

2: Give Up Keyword Stuffing

In years gone by, search engines relied a lot more heavily on keywords. Keyword stuffing was how the world started to take advantage of this. Often, what you got when you clicked on a link was a nonsensical post that barely made sense at all. For example if the keyword was “Web Design Cork, the content might say “are you looking for web design cork? We are web design cork. Call our web design Cork business now”. It’s painful to read but it used to trick search engines, many people are still in the habit of stuffing articles to the seams with keywords. However not only does it no longer help you rank highly, now search engines are heavily penalising websites that attempt keyword stuffing. If you still have this habit it’s time to leave it behind.

3: Stop Keyword Stuffing Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should only be used to describe what the article or blog post is actually about. People often stuff them with keywords too in an attempt to raise their page rankings. This doesn’t work, meta descriptions haven’t even been taken into consideration for SEO for almost a decade. Stop keyword stuffing your meta descriptions and just try to write a clear summary of what the reader can expect to find in your article.

4: Realise That More Isn’t Always Better

When you want to create good content and get it out to a larger audience it is important to do it often. But if it isn’t high quality then there isn’t any point. The penalties that Google now gives to poor quality content means that you can’t get away with quantity over quality. Take your time and concentrate on writing high quality content, once you feel you have mastered it, then start writing truck loads of high quality content for your site.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on bad habits that you should be avoiding if you want to write good content. If you don’t duplicate your content, you give up keyword stuffing in your articles and meta descriptions and focus on creating high quality content instead of on sheer volume, you will be on your way to winning at SEO through great content.