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3 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content

Content Marketing – 3 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Content

3 Ways To Repurpose Your Old ContentThe majority of content marketing strategies rely solely on creating new written content from scratch every time. While this is a great way to stay focused and on trend, it can also be a huge waste of resources. New content is always needed, but your old written content can also be repurposed to keep getting great results over time. Here are 3 ways to repurpose your old content.

1: Create PowerPoint Presentations

With a little editing it’s simple to repurpose old content into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to the web. If you are repurposing old articles and blogs in this way, make sure you trim the fat. PowerPoint presentations shouldn’t have much filler in them so try pick out the most important points from the article and make sure you communicate them effectively in bullet points or very short paragraphs. I would suggest that you design a template for your brand and re-use it whenever you are repurposing content so that it looks great while saving you a lot of time overall.

2: Create A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to expand who consumes your content as they can listen to it while they are too occupied to read it, like when they are driving to work or cutting the grass. Podcasts really are one of the most straightforward ways to repurpose old content. Just record yourself reading one of your old articles and your podcast is born. You may need a few takes to get it right, but overall it’s far quicker and less resource intensive than creating content from scratch.

3: Create An Infographic

Infographics are becoming more popular than ever as they allow busy people to quickly digest information in a visual way. Trawl through your old content, looking for informative pieces that were successful in the past. These pieces of content are perfect candidates to turn into an infographic. This will be more effective if you are familiar with Photoshop or better yet, have a graphic designer on hand. But if you struggle with conventional graphic tools and want to keep the budget down, there are plenty of free drag and drop style tools you can use, just do a quick Google search.

Start repurposing your old content and getting great results today. You can do this by creating slideshow presentations, reading out old articles and recording yourself to create podcasts and by turning informative pieces of content into visually striking infographics.