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2 Damaging Ecommerce Web Design Mistakes

2 Damaging Ecommerce Web Design MistakesIf you are an ecommerce retailer then your website is your business. This means that solid web design is a crucial factor in maximising your profits and keeping your customers coming back by giving them a great user experience. It can be difficult to know where you can improve so here are 2 damaging ecommerce web design mistakes that could be hurting your bottom line.

1: Failing To Communicate Your Value Proposition

From the moment a user lands on your website it should be clear what you can offer them and why it is better than your competitors. A strong initial value proposition is the number one thing that will entice users to stay on your website and read more about your products and services. It is your main argument as to why people should buy from you and not from your competitors, so being clear and communicating it early plays a very important role in ecommerce. To communicate your value proposition effectively, use a simply worded headline such as “Designer Shoes Delivered In Ireland Within 24 Hours”. Then add some copy explaining why it is better to order from you than your competitors. Insert some more benefits such as mentioning free shipping or social proof. Finally use imagery of your products in use to catch attention.

2: Bad Product Descriptions

The majority of online shoppers (depending on the industry) spend more time reading descriptions than they do looking at images. This means that your product descriptions are a great chance to sell to the customer. Product descriptions can easily be overlooked as it seems like a daunting task to rewrite them all, but it is worth putting the time in as they can significantly improve your conversion rates. Learning how to write high converting product descriptions is critical in ecommerce.

These two seemingly small mistakes can have incredibly damaging consequences for ecommerce retailers. Remember to communicate your value proposition early, make it abundantly clear what it is you are selling and take some time to rewrite your product descriptions. If you don’t have time to rewrite them all at once, then initially just do it for your best sellers. The improvements in conversion rate that you see will show you that you need to make the time. Book your free ecommerce web design consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing by visiting us online today.