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Ecommerce Web Design 2017 – 3 Trends To Watch

Ecommerce Web Design 2017 – 3 Trends To Watch

Ecommerce Web Design 2017 - 3 Trends To WatchEcommerce web design is constantly evolving in order to continuously improve user experience and streamline the buying process to increase conversion rates. Not only that but ecommerce sites have to be built in a more mobile oriented manner than ever to keep up with the changes in consumer buying habits. Here are 3 ecommerce web design trends for 2017.

1: Mobile First Design

For years desktop web design has been given more attention than mobile web design, but that has slowly started to change as more and more people are using their mobile devices to shop online. Web design agencies will continue to focus more on mobile first design, meaning focusing solely on desktop design and then attempting to adapt that design to mobile will start being phased out.

2: Increased Customisation

The days of using standard cookie cutter themes and imagery are beginning to fall behind us. Ecommerce web design in 2017 will see a lot more fully customised websites with original imagery. One of the elements which is starting to grow hugely in popularity for those trying to set their website apart from their competitors are hand drawn elements. They are completely unique as they are hand drawn for the exact purpose of communicating your message.

3: Increased Focus On Page Load Speed

Page load speed has become widely regarded as one of the most crucial elements of ecommerce web design. This is largely due to an ever increasing spotlight on user experience both from website owners and search engines, this trend will continue going forward. If you want your ecommerce website to be a success in 2017 you will have to bring your page load time down as much as possible. This will be a huge priority as other ecommerce sites will be pushing to increase load speed, if your site is loading in over 3 seconds you will see a lot of drop off as users will come to expect lightning load speeds even more than they already do.

As ecommerce web design continues to evolve in 2017 we will see more and more websites designed specifically for mobile, far more custom websites and imagery that make ecommerce sites original and unique and a continuing focus on improving page load speed to give users the best possible experience and get the most conversions.

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