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3 Quick SEO Hacks To Improve Your Search Rankings

3 Quick SEO Hacks To Improve Your Search Rankings

Search engine optimisation is a long-term process which involves a combination of many different techniques such as on page SEO, off page SEO, marketing and research. The better you can carry out your SEO strategy, the higher you can appear in searches for your products and services. SEO is hugely important for any business with an online presence. However, sometimes time can run short and you might only have a few minutes at a time to dedicate to SEO. Here are 3 quick SEO hacks to improve your search rankings.

1: Add Schema Markup To Popular Pages

Adding schema markup to the HTML’s of your pages allows you to add rich media to your content in search results. A great example of this are websites such as Trivago. Many of the hotels they list pop up in Google searches with a star rating, making it more enticing for potential customers to click through. It can be a daunting task to add rich snippets to every product/post you have made, especially if your website has been in operation for a while. So just add schema markup to five or six of your top performing pages each day and keep going until all of your relevant pages have the correct schema markups.

2: Update Your Google My Business Page

If your business has a physical location, make sure that you have claimed it. Double check that all of your details are up to date. This could be anything from new opening hours to taking new payment methods. If you have moved address it’s crucial you change it as soon as possible. If you have moved premises it’s also possible that your phone number has changed, so that may also need updating.

3: Review Low Performing Pages

If you go into your website’s Google Search Console and then click search traffic and go through to search analytics, you will be able to view the organic CTR of all of your pages and your website as a whole. Pick out a chunk of your pages that have a low CTR even though their visibility is relatively high. Take some time with each page and edit their titles tags and meta descriptions. Proper title tags and meta descriptions are a fantastic way to improve your organic CTR.

So if you are low on time but want to make some improvements to your SEO you can start by adding schema markup slowly to all of your pages, ensuring your Google My Business page is up to date and all of the information is correct and by editing the title tags and meta descriptions on pages that are performing poorly to improve your organic click through rates. However. if you don’t have time to dedicate to a long-term SEO plan, you should contact SEO experts and come up with a strategy that suits your business.