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2 More Free SEO Tools Used By The Experts

2 More Free SEO Tools Used By The ExpertsAs mentioned in a previous article, search engine optimisation (SEO) is something that can be extremely time consuming without help from the right tools. SEO tools don’t have to be expensive to perform to a high standard and save you countless hours of time. Here are 2 more free SEO tools used by the experts.

1: Schema Creator

Structured data is what search engines use to decipher what everything within your HTML actually means. Using structured data markup is what allows you to add rich snippets to your result in SERP’s such as reviews or star ratings next attached to your listing. Google, along with other search engines, created a standard for structured data markup called schema.org. However, schema.org can be difficult to grasp as a beginner. That’s where this fantastic Schema Creator tool comes in handy. It allows you to create structured data for your website for people, events, movies, products and much more. All you have to do to use the tool is click which type of structured data markup you want and enter some basic details. Here is how simple it is to create structured data for products.

2 More Free SEO Tools Used By The Experts schema creator

2: Sitemap Generator From AuditMyPC.Com

XML sitemaps are a vital part of SEO as they allow search engines like Google to easily discover your website’s pages. This is crucial as search engines rank pages individually, not just your website as whole. This free sitemap generator tool allows you to generate an XML sitemap which makes your pages far easier to find. It also points out problems with your web pages that may be causing them to rank lower. It’s easy to use, just make sure you aren’t logged in to the backend of your website and follow their simple instructions. This is an incredibly useful tool, no site should ever be without a good XML sitemap.

Using the free schema creator and sitemap generator tools along with The Screaming Frog spider tool, Google search console and CopyScape will be a huge benefit to your SEO efforts. You will be able to correct problems in a few minutes that would take hours of searching and analysis without them. Get help with your search engine optimisation efforts and boost your natural rankings by visiting us online today.