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Women’s Fitness

Women’s Fitness

Women’s Fitness

Women’s Fitness have women-only gyms in Cork and Limerick. They specialise in helping women to achieve their fitness goals in a supportive atmosphere at an affordable price.

Womens Fitness has two websites, one for their Cork based gym and one for their Limerick based gym. Neither website was up to the task of getting all of the information about the range of classes, membership types and special offers across to the end user in an easily digestible format which is incredibly important in such a competitive industry. The sites were also struggling to rank highly for some of the more specific search terms in relation to their class types and they wanted to make sure they were in front of customers as much as possible when they were searching Google in order to drive conversions.contact us




Develop 2 separate websites for Limerick & Cork. Ensure the websites are simple to edit and update information such as offers.


Make it simple for users to find information about offers and membership types and straightforward for users to see an automatically updated timetable of upcoming classes.


Ensure visitors can purchase class types and memberships in just a few clicks from anywhere on the site.


Showcase client testimonials for social proof.


Make the Women’s Fitness app very visible and easy to download.


Create pages and forms that make it easy to get in contact with any questions.


Make sure it’s easy to get directions to the gym for first-time visitors.


Ensure Women’s Fitness is in front of potential customers on Google right when they are searching for their services through Google. (Google Adwords and SEO)


Ongoing content creation, campaigns and remarketing campaigns across all platforms. (Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.)

Our Approach To Women’s Fitness Limerick

As Women’s Fitness in Limerick run many different types of offers throughout the year, we designed a homepage that includes an editable offer in the header so users can instantly see it when they visit the site.

Lower down on the homepage we also added a series of comparative boxes which allow users to compare different membership types to see which would work best for them. Each box also has a sign-up button to make it simple for users to purchase memberships on Mindbody.

We integrated Mindbody into the website so that the timetable automatically updates and users can book their place in particular classes.

We added a video testimonial just under the header on the homepage for instant social proof. We then added a success stories section in the top nav bar which acts as a gallery of video testimonials of happy clients. We also added a testimonials page to the top nav bar where we put all of the written testimonials for further social proof.

We added icons and links to download the Women’s Fitness app on Android and Apple in both the header and the footer of each page so it is always clearly visible and just a click away from being downloaded.

We built the website with customer queries in mind. There is a click to call button in the header on mobile and the phone number is always visible in the header and footer of every page. Similarly to make it easy for customers to get directions, we added a Google map with the gym’s location marked to the footer of every page.

To improve SEO rankings we conducted extensive keyword research. Through a combination of our research as well as talking to Michael about the search terms that were most important to his business, we developed an SEO plan which involved meta tag optimisation and content generation for around 15 different class types. This content would serve the purpose of informing potential customers about what the different classes involved as well as improving Women’s Fitness’ organic rankings on Google.

We developed and manage an extensive Google AdWords campaign to not only get Women’s Fitness in front of potential customers in Limerick right when they were looking for gym memberships or classes but also to remarket to those users and get Women’s Fitness’ offers in front of them again and again in order to maximise the potential for sign-ups.

Our Approach For Women’s Fitness Cork

Based on our meetings with Michael, we designed a homepage that we thought would fit the Women’s Fitness brand as well as check the boxes on all of the key requirements. After some back and forth on design changes the initial designs were approved and we started coding.

We developed the entire site on WordPress so every element of the website would be easy to edit and update.

In the header of the homepage, we added a slider filled with testimonials that is split into 3 columns and automatically scrolls across to reveal more testimonials and special offers.

We created a reviews and testimonials page that we filled with video testimonials and added it to the top navigation menu.

Similar to the Limerick site, we also added a membership comparison section to the homepage so potential customers in Cork could quickly identify which membership works best for them.

We added more complex layers of Mindbody integration to the Cork website than we did to the Limerick website. This meant that not only would the timetable update automatically, but users would also never have to leave the Women’s Fitness website in order to book a class or a make a purchase.

We developed a large section on the homepage dedicated to showing the benefits of the mobile app as well as links to the Play Store and Apple Store to download the app. We also put icons and app download links in the footer of every page.

As well as click to call buttons in the header and making the phone number very visible on each page, we went a step further to make getting in touch with Women’s Fitness in Cork even easier by adding a live chat feature to the website. Now if a potential customer has a question, they can instantly get an answer while they are still browsing the site.

We added a location/directions page to the top navigation bar so it’s very clear where a user should go in order to get directions to the gym or just find out exactly where it is. Once a user visits this page all they have to do is click “Directions” on the map and they will be guided to the premises.

We carried out keyword research and optimised the meta tags based on our findings. We also repurposed a lot of the content about specific classes from the Limerick website. This was all completely rewritten to avoid any SEO issues with duplicated content.

We created a large-scale Google AdWords campaign to ensure Women’s Fitness is in front of their potential customers in Cork right when they are looking for their services and drive conversions. We also remarket to users through the display network and YouTube to give us more opportunities to turn potential customers into customers. We continue to manage these campaigns.




Women’s Fitness has 2 stylish websites that are simple to make edits to


Users can see an updated timetable on each site and book a class or purchase a membership at the click of a button


Both of the websites offer huge levels of social proof through the use of powerful testimonials


The Women’s Fitness app is a prominent feature on both sites and is very easy to download


Users can get in touch instantly with any questions thanks to prominent phone numbers, click to call buttons and the live chat system


New users/members can easily find and get directions to the gyms in Cork & Limerick


Women’s Fitness Limerick have not just maintained their rankings but have improved. They are now ranked #2 for the search term “Spinning Classes Limerick”


Women’s Fitness Limerick have not just maintained their rankings but have improved. They are now ranked #1 for search terms such as “Gym For Women”

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The AdWords campaigns for Limerick and Cork have performed excellently at driving membership sign-ups and we continue to manage them