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Web Design Cork – The Benefits For Your Business

Web Design Cork – The Benefits For Your Business

Web Design Cork – The Benefits For Your Business

Web Design Cork - The Benefits For Your BusinessThese days it’s crucial to have a strong presence online if you want your business to thrive. But if you truly want your business to stand out from the crowd you need more than just a presence on the web, you need your own website. Here are 5 benefits of creating a website for your Cork business.

1: Your Business Becomes Discoverable

People are relying more and more on the web to answer their purchasing queries. If they want goods or services, they simply take out their laptop or phone and search. If you don’t have your own website, they have a 0% chance of finding you. This can lose you countless sales opportunities. Having a website with strong SEO means that your business will show up at the exact moment people are looking to purchase your products.

2: It’s An Indispensable Sales Tool

A business website is a critical sales tool and will often be a company’s #1 salesperson. You can use it to provide high quality information about your business and products, learn more about your audience and what they want as well as create a sales funnel that guides users through the sales process. Once set up, the entire process can be automated and tweaked to deliver the best possible results.

3: Room For Expansion

Having a website gives you potentially unlimited room for business expansion. Your business might have started out by serving a small community, but with your own website you can reach a far broader, potentially international, audience.

4: Improves Customer Service

It’s easy to add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section when creating a website. This a great for customers as they can get answers to their questions in seconds without having to phone or email you directly, this saves time for everyone. Another option is to add chat to your website. If a customer has any questions they can just type it into the box and you can instantly answer them. This instant customer service can be just what’s needed to turn them from a browser into a customer.

5: Analytics

Unless you force every single customer to answer a questionnaire when they enter your store, it’s impossible to generate the kind of useful data that is available to you when you have a website. You will gain access to knowledge that can seriously benefit your business and your approach to customers such as demographics, the number of daily/weekly/monthly visitors to your site, most visited pages, how they got to your website, how often they return to your site and more valuable information that you can leverage to change your approach and boost sales.

Websites are becoming more and more important everyday. If you haven’t got a website or your site isn’t up to par then contact us today to book your free web design consultation with 3B1 Media & Marketing!